Saltwater Room

I think it’s obvious I love bikinis and I dig the fact that I pretty much get to live in one out here in SoCal. What’s a special gem is when I find an amazing one piece suit. They are great for surfing if you’re going to ditch the wetsuit (especially because I’m always concerned that my bikini top will fly off. 😛 ) Of course Hurley never fails when it comes to swim wear so I was extremely happy when they sent over this white and black number. It’s also pretty rad that the inside lining is leopard print so when it gets wet you can see the cool pattern.IMG_5093 copy IMG_4865 copy IMG_4980 copy IMG_4952 copy IMG_5083 copy IMG_5111 copyxokris

Check out all their one pieces here!

photos by Seven Shades of Grey

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