I’m a Hurley Girl…

I’m such a girl sometimes…I claimed it necessary to embrace spring by purchasing bright pink lipsticks and nail polish to match, so I was satisfied when I opened a box from Hurley to find this pink top inside. Something about the color, it literally brings me some kind of joy. So does long boarding. I actually enjoy falling off my board, getting a little dirty, and playing outside. As long as I get to wear my pink lipstick while doing it 😉

I have a lot to be thankful for right now and life has been an unpredictable roller coaster for the most part. Every day brings something new for me to discover and by just going with the flow, I learn so much more about myself. I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold in store and plan to continue focusing on all the good I am surrounded by, or even the small things. Like an electric pink tank from my friends at Hurley.

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Get your PINK on!

photos by Skyler Fike

Saltwater Room

I think it’s obvious I love bikinis and I dig the fact that I pretty much get to live in one out here in SoCal. What’s a special gem is when I find an amazing one piece suit. They are great for surfing if you’re going to ditch the wetsuit (especially because I’m always concerned that my bikini top will fly off. 😛 ) Of course Hurley never fails when it comes to swim wear so I was extremely happy when they sent over this white and black number. It’s also pretty rad that the inside lining is leopard print so when it gets wet you can see the cool pattern.IMG_5093 copy IMG_4865 copy IMG_4980 copy IMG_4952 copy IMG_5083 copy IMG_5111 copyxokris

Check out all their one pieces here!

photos by Seven Shades of Grey

Little Black Bikini


Hello, love. Have you been stocking up on new bikinis this season? Not yet? Well let’s get started! We are working the Hurley again for what you should be wearing this summer. Every girl needs a little black bikini and this one was just perfect paired with their Dylan crop top. Check out all of their swimwear and pick out your favorite here!Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Get my Dylan crop here.

Get my bikini bottoms here. Get the top here.

Reach Higher, Hold Tighter

Gooooood morning, lovely people 🙂 Wake up, stretch out, and lets go outside! It’s been beautiful here in SoCal so I’ve been soaking up all the sun I can. One of my favorite spots to go to is in Corona Del Mar called “Little Corona”. It’s a little piece of heaven and the perfect place to test out my new Hurley workout threads. I really love their gear because it’s so lightweight and soft. For me, I like exercising in material that isn’t too heavy or loose so this is the perfect get up for girls who love yoga, stand up paddle boarding, or pilates. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Get the Hurley Dri Fit shorts here.
Get the Hurley Dri Fit Sports Bra here.

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Stars Shine Brighter & Hang a Little Higher

Hello fellow beach lovers! 🙂
I just want to say how obsessed I am with Hurley’s winter gear…I know it doesn’t always feel like winter in SoCal but living a few blocks from the beach I sometimes feel the ocean breeze when I’m out at night cruising down town or skate boarding with my friends. So, Hurley sent me a few items that I completely loved for those days that are a little chilly.


-D9RpC8oFQuzd8dAmz0WcYh1O5hqYWWzbrzLg5zXcuQ,SULkH7ZEwg-5uboSAK-C9DnAds3zzKo4nx5bmUWMujQ,c3w5NeCxDHox_MdAzrFUh76DIGBjV1cqllDeD252qv8 ppVHEvvTaa2-kPb9gfu97yaBT7_H3mZ1tO2LNHgSeeI,h6feGouT6xEH3tiD-TuEjHUuyo4IE9DnZCyrNrFdO-U,ggCqAIblEus1y9o1vlhoZ5jXRxpVF9LMHNiet2g7HFI 


b0yCAjjpeEIZcyIKVOfU0NfIRrQ-cqjN8Kr7y8ju4So,m2olFVZgqcPRSefSrtyrelYCCE1Crb-3oVSw6gV-mvM,uezjFH3kBDjtrkxeHQqz4baioS9qh05IOYLVfuqwr6A VegYFHNz8i-8iIv0QhdHv5MAiymPgy_ibHu8Iy6lLDY,IM_DRKHPSW7bGUew4bsdPjxbkvbDoQG6yLxkhnNewrA,GpdIJdyFKiyxNR882aUOTdsV1ARLYUMt3XuKVabNifo 8atSB0orYKkwfipO3331Ahkr29lNt0-2XpiLVytNsTg,c95xSiKTlBqSEHTt3oFWcw_rMWR7yT_pFmqDOMMh9bw,c-qomXh_DuQAI798l_iFOyajhHgQa7albVhxqE3gWZo


Shop my look!

Hurley Pullover

Winchester Heather Grey Jacket

Hurley of the Deep Biker Tank Top

Parachute Moto Jacket

Hurley Girls Instagram

photos by Sara Kiesling

Somewhere in Venice With Ya’

Well hello 🙂 I have to say I am very much loving all the flowers and beauty I found while venturing around Venice Beach with my friends Cassandra and Sara. I especially loved doing so in this rad dress that Hurley sent me…I decided to dress it way up and give it a different look. I feel the most carefree in a cute sundress. See what I mean and get this dress here!

2USwR-k9oRTRpC-TN9B2uRwXo3LPT7HCt0uRzEHrF8E,uFj1jn43Yq2pfgbvA2YwJ3NFnSH5ibJSaLmnPDxSZzw,cm14fhQ29kHZTiLYXz2hNWImh-gxZeZrq-M-1UMinU4,zkPS3lCjC63l5znlE2RHCDGLlXoIpT1zbZ1SU8I8Rp8 6VmacHdEz5dwKwsfHTcknowDKWJbzz_yK0MdPbdm6ag,NcrQJ5MpKllyzGUDb-oGLwE3QJ1OKlnUBl8YdLndWV8,ODx6Ho_HgN6iQlixQk60_-H1ZGjHzApubhsYyrvzobc 85CTkuQwKOl-RK7c0xZcgt7PlNoCMQBJZ0XVSJhL5DE,s4ybs5v84QANq1nUhlVlUTMgHmZDEzDZzDFeQl6aEqI,W9Ok5Z7qjE4m5aVjJ-NFDPjzJwE2leYgNgWwB9BlpMo ap-ZcyhlEATRYxT5LMiRaBCh7gmj7nCjhcpdf3_9IAE,hhOAefbpf-4ZOzTBzMyAlO2cFEX8dUR8Z7q7VoCzKO0,9DvDJqFie238rAwOhWRpcmmStgm2uOb-KSylPkpCJs4 Xf6oR_d6GlpgfGadgkPnY-z-3CtQ736i-tKTd7sAUZ8,8QshCSNA4VOKCyTSUtztfPBhGXfvNkqx3Y8j8UNn0Xw,QQFOowkofd_7Dv1DybwIHHxjhSMC5qVG_307FlCP_y0,_9MJn_epMrN4jgUOqFUOKO7wwkwOkVzV38vjPYD_fU0


Photos by Sara Kiesling 

You’re all that Matters to Me

My favorite thing about Hurley Girl’s products is how much I am able to play with their styles to either dress them up or dress them down. This shirt I specifically am intrigued with is one you can wear forwards, backwards, and even inside out. Also I am reppin’ HB when I wear it so that is always a plus 😉 I paired it with a long black skirt Maxi dress and also some boot heels from Guess.Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5681 Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5742_BW Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5724 Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5660 kristenUW_0090 copy

Get this tee here.


Photos by Chris Godley and Seven Shades of Grey

All I Need is the Air that I Breathe

I keep hearing talk of snow, bundling by the fire, and christmas decorating. Totally not complaining! The holidays are right around the corner and one of my most favorite times of the year full of nostalgia, family, love, and pie. 😉 I’ve been really exploring the closets of Hurley and discovering pieces I didn’t know the sporty brand held. This has been one of my favorite companies to collaborate with because the style fits my personality so well. I go giddy over jackets and this one sent me over the moon. Perfect for the California “winter”.Kristen_Smoothie_Final_MG_5569 _MG_5619 _MG_5565


Get this jacket on Hurley’s website.
Shirt: Forever 21 online.
Beanie: Forever 21 (and they have so many cute ones online right now)
Shorts: PacSun
Tights: Similar DKNY tights are at Macy’s.
Shoes: Similar Moto boots at Nasty Gal.
Bracelet: Armani


Hurley Girls

Photos by Chris Godley

Kissing Autumn Hello

A lateness in summer weather and a changing autumn sky is my favorite transition between seasons and a perfect feeling of not too hot and not too cold when I’m outside. I am rocking the shorts as much as I can lately with this heat spike here in Orange County, but I’m not really complaining. My Hurley denim shorts fit me like a glove and had a bright pop of my favorite color (hot pink).






Find some shorts on their online shop!
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Feeling Peachy in Hurley

I am so excited to announce that Style Smoothie is working with Hurley on a fall/winter lookbook (and of course in southern California it looks much like summer). Hurley has always been one of my favorite surf/skate brands for all the diversity they create in the their woman’s line. Check out this outfit that is super girly, and perfect for a back to school outfit. Would you wear these Hurley threads?

_MG_5340 Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5360 Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5336 Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5327

I loved the 81 skinny leggings. Especially in this fun color. Check them out and others in different colors here. I paired them with a Hurley tank that was light and unique with it’s pattern and straps. Check out their other tanks here.

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Photos by Chris Godley