Pink hair, don’t care

This summer I got to collaborate with Clairol on a product they carry in Sally’s Beauty stores and it pushed me out of my comfort zone. Pink hair. I was iffy at first, thinking that I would just do a “flat lay” photo of the products and go about my day but then I thought about how it’s summer and hair color can always be changed. I loved the results and even want to add more pink to my do.


I used shade ‘make em blush’ mixed with ‘clearly you’ by Clairol



Okay, so I wouldn’t ever call myself a “foodie” or claim to be an expert on all the best places to grab a burger or fancy drinks. BUT, I do love food and one of my favorite past times with my parents (and we still do it) is finding cool restaurants that are basically hidden gems in DFW. My parents are cooler than me so what I mean is, they would find the restaurants and then later take me. I’ve been trying to up my game though and really get out and explore new places to grub, so when the opportunity to dine at Hopdoddy came along (courtesy of my friends at Bread & Butter) I got SUPER excited. I stalked their instagram on what to expect and was pleasantly surprised when it was filled with gourmet burgers and crafty spirits. If you find yourself in Dallas, you’ve gotta try this place because it is literal burger HEAVEN. Also shout out to Brian, the manager at Hopdoddy, for being incredibly hospitable during our meal!



Lil’ Prick Martini because it was like drinking a snow cone on a hot day 😉


I got the truffle mac n’ cheese burger and had zero regrets. SO DANG GOOD.







This Hopdoddy is located at 3227 MCKINNEY AVE, #102
DALLAS, TX 75204

Meal courtesy of Hopdoddy Burger Bar & Bread and Butter



I found myself all giddy with joy when I came home to a package from Becca Cosmetics the other day. I had a feeling I knew what was inside because they were in the middle of a huge push for the new palette they collaborated on with Chrissy Teigen. I opened my package and immediately started jumping up and down (I’m such a girl, sue me) when I saw the white and rose gold box inside with Chrissy’s name splashed across it in glossy letters. I adore this palette and they way they put it together. There was a mini TV inside with Chrissy talking about her new product like the queen she is, I mean HOW COOL IS THAT?! As for the bronzer, highlighter, and blush that was inside? It is completely worth the $46. The palette has some pinkish tones to them and I love pink in my makeup. So get your butt to Sephora and grab one because I know they have been going FAST.



Thank you as always to BECCA for this amazing gift.

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The Pink Motel

I had a dream last night. Nothing out of the ordinary, I was cruising around LA with one of my bff’s, Cassandra, and we were trying to decide which beach we wanted to hit up that week. This wasn’t out of the ordinary because this is pretty much what our friendship revolved around when I lived out there. So naturally I woke up missing living by the ocean and having the ocean as my backyard. And more importantly, I started to miss my friend and our carefree days of yelling “Beach day 98′!” every time we got together haha! I started to go through some photos of my last trip out there a few months ago and decided to post a few photos she took of me after we ventured out to The Pink Motel. Shout out to Cass, miss you girl!






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Hair Bow: Forever 21
Sweater: Wasteland LA
Skirt: Francesca’s
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

A Spring Like Winter

Yikes! I am a little bummed on how long it’s been since I have shared anything on my blog. I made it a goal recently to share more stories, adventures, and the all around happenings of my life more on here and all I can say is that life has been busy. In this busy season a lot has been changing and sometimes I feel like it’s happening faster than I can keep up with, but honestly, the change has been good so I’m not really complaining.

It’s been a spring like winter lately with temperatures wavering in the 70-80’s though our dear furry friend Mr.Groundhog has declared “six more weeks of winter.”…Yeah whatever you say dude, I think I might have gotten a sunburn today and keep blasting the A/C in my car every time I go somewhere. But that’s just how life is. You expect it to be a certain way because everything points to it being a certain way. But in fact, that just isn’t how life works and you just gotta roll with it. I recently quit my job unexpectedly, pushed myself out of my own comfort zone, pursued my dreams only to be pleasantly surprised, and all of this isn’t what I imagined just a couple months ago. A couple of months ago I would have predicted cold, mundane, routine. Instead I have received the bloom of new beginnings and answered prayers.


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Greetings from LA, people! Yes. I am back and it’s been too long. I decided to go for a stroll since the weather is absolutely perfect and decided to check out Vincent Lamouroux’s art piece “Projection LA”. Basically this once rundown graffiti target was completely showered in lime wash turning into an all white masterpiece. Also, I’m pretty sure the magic of the whole thing is the fact that he painted to palm trees as well.

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Hello, fellow makeup lovers! Okay so I’ve been becoming a little more enamored with the beauty blogging world and indulging in youtube tutorials from people like Laura Lee and Jaclyn Hill. I went through a phase for like, YEARS where I didn’t wear any eye shadow and now I’m starting to add it to my beauty regimen once again. So. Colourpop. First of all, I think I’m completely into fall palettes as far as eye shadows go and the one they sent me is the Mile High best of Super Shock Shadow Collection. I swatched it only arm first and thought, “Okay I am wearing this when I go get my new license photo taken!” and I did! (If you missed it, I did a complete tutorial on my snapchat “kriskw” a couple weeks ago before I went in and slayed it at the DMV) So here I am, for this look I decided to go for a fun, moody, 90’s vibe nighttime look (say that five times fast) and I have to say my favorite thing about this palette is the impressive pigment each shadow holds. Also I am wearing their ultra glossy Finders Keepers lip color.


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Top 5 Places to visit before Summer is Over

Okay, I know summer is technically coming to an end…that is…only if you’re going back to school. Aka, if you’ve been thrust out into the real world, summer break doesn’t exist and the season is declared over when you don’t break a sweat anymore walking from your front door to your car. Therefore, you possibly could still be planning a late summer trip (I know I am). So where are the top places I recommend you should visit? I’m glad you asked 😏

1.Eden Roc in Miami Beach

Okay, numero uno on my list…MIAMI…duh! I love this city. The diversity, the culture, the ocean. I mean, if you like to have fun, you’ll be set. The food is great, and it’s one of those places where you’ll feel like you’ve entered another country without having to stray too far from your own backyard (America).
Why you’ll love it here:
Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR luxurious pools will be awaiting you with some of the most friendly staff and best restaurants on site.


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2. Huntington Beach, CA

Okay, so I’m a little biased here from living in this beautiful beach town all of my early twenties. Why did I love it so much? Street fair on Tuesdays, being in the surf capital, the beautiful homes, walking to the beach every day, BONZAI BOWLS, and the fact that you could accidentally stumble upon a chorus of people singing and playing the ukulele. Yep, this town slows down a bit after the US Open and always has something to offer, no matter what day of the week you’re there. Check out Jan’s Health Bar for the most amazing sandwiches and salads, Ruby’s at the end of the pier for an ice cream cone, and go ahead and take a surf lesson!

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3. Big Sur, California

Love camping? Ready to have your breath taken away? pack up your friends, turn your cell phones off, and enjoy this majestic piece of heaven in northern California for one of the most beautiful get aways you will go one. You can go glamping, rent a cabin, or what I recommend, tent camping. Looking down at the ocean from the mountains, cooking over a campfire, and the dazzling stars that cover the night sky will guarantee to give you a good reset on life. Remember to pack bug spray and definitely go see McWay Falls!






4. Austin Texas

Okay, so some might think Austin is a giant bar scene…and, sometimes it can be. But lets not forget it’s the best city to visit for live music and bbq! Ever been to Stubb’s? That where you go to chow down and listen to whatever hot band is booked that night. Also, a little out of the city you can visit Hamilton Pool where you can float in the water, have a picnic with your friends, and relax. Just get there early because it’s first come first serve! And don’t forget! Austin has some of the BEST pizza you can order right out of a window.My best fiend and I are in love with Airbnb, so just grab one and get to seeing the town and don’t forget to stop by Hula Hut for lunch on the lake!






5. St Maarten

Because who doesn’t want to say “See ya!” and head for the caribbean. Now this one may take a little more planning (and a passport) but I just had to throw it in the mix. A friend of mine used to live here and talk about how beautiful it was and how I would be missing out if I never made the trip out there. Well, when I finally did he didn’t live there anymore but I still got to play on the island and soak up all the beauty. And, best place to rent a jet ski if you ask me. Be sure to check out Maho Beach (not for the faint of heart!) for some awesome snorkeling and to watch the planes fly over you so low you could high five the pilot.





Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.06.13 PM

I’m hoping by now you’re packing your bags and getting ready to head to one of these beautiful places. Either way, enjoy the rest of the season and be spontaneous, have fun, go somewhere new even if it’s a restaurant downtown. Love you all.



Just a little summer inspo coming your way while I schedule themes for new companies I’m working with while balancing everything else going on in my life. Also this is the first Saturday since I can remember where I had absolutely nothing that needed to be done work or personal wise. I’m thinking I’ll spend it planning my vacation, longboarding, writing new music, hanging out with my brother, or going for a run (basically all my favorite things). For now, I’ll just be taking it easy till it’s time to work on my next big project ;P




xoxo kris

Bliss in CancĂșn!

Okay, so I am going over some of my most favorite trips I’ve been on and it’s taking everything in me to not just jump on a plane heading to the beach. Until then, I can reminisce on one of my best friends weddings in Cancun. Iberostar was one of the most gorgeous resorts I have ever stayed at and one of the most epic trips I have ever been on.



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