A Spring Like Winter

Yikes! I am a little bummed on how long it’s been since I have shared anything on my blog. I made it a goal recently to share more stories, adventures, and the all around happenings of my life more on here and all I can say is that life has been busy. In this busy season a lot has been changing and sometimes I feel like it’s happening faster than I can keep up with, but honestly, the change has been good so I’m not really complaining.

It’s been a spring like winter lately with temperatures wavering in the 70-80’s though our dear furry friend Mr.Groundhog has declared “six more weeks of winter.”…Yeah whatever you say dude, I think I might have gotten a sunburn today and keep blasting the A/C in my car every time I go somewhere. But that’s just how life is. You expect it to be a certain way because everything points to it being a certain way. But in fact, that just isn’t how life works and you just gotta roll with it. I recently quit my job unexpectedly, pushed myself out of my own comfort zone, pursued my dreams only to be pleasantly surprised, and all of this isn’t what I imagined just a couple months ago. A couple of months ago I would have predicted cold, mundane, routine. Instead I have received the bloom of new beginnings and answered prayers.


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