The Pink Motel

I had a dream last night. Nothing out of the ordinary, I was cruising around LA with one of my bff’s, Cassandra, and we were trying to decide which beach we wanted to hit up that week. This wasn’t out of the ordinary because this is pretty much what our friendship revolved around when I lived out there. So naturally I woke up missing living by the ocean and having the ocean as my backyard. And more importantly, I started to miss my friend and our carefree days of yelling “Beach day 98′!” every time we got together haha! I started to go through some photos of my last trip out there a few months ago and decided to post a few photos she took of me after we ventured out to The Pink Motel. Shout out to Cass, miss you girl!






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Hair Bow: Forever 21
Sweater: Wasteland LA
Skirt: Francesca’s
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger