Eden Roc of Miami Beach

         Ahh, summer. A season of travel, adventure, late nights, and exploring new places. I thought about it long and hard where I would want to vacation this year. I knew it had to be somewhere by the beach (hello, I’m part mermaid), somewhere warm, and somewhere I could completely unwind. It didn’t take much thought actually-“MIAMI” kept ringing in my head. A place I have visited a few times in the past but never felt like I was able to completely absorb it. What really took up a lot of time was finding WHERE to stay. I scanned page after page of boutique hotels and resorts when I finally came across a little piece of paradise…Eden Roc.

Upon arriving on a Wednesday afternoon I was greeted with hospitality and a genuine kindness that never fell short during my week long stay. The resort was beautiful and I could tell right away that I made the right choice when booking. Some of the best things you can find at Eden Roc are the four (yes, FOUR) swimming pools, a Starbucks INSIDE, and pool staff that will spritz you down in the heat, clean your sunglasses, fetch you water, and make you feel like Eden Roc is your home. And if home is where the heart is, then I definitely left a piece of mine back in Miami. It was a much needed getaway for my mom and I so we decided to just relax and plan our days based solely on our emotions. We spent time laying under umbrellas by the water, dancing to the music in the hospitality suite, and sharing pure bliss as we let the waves carry us around in the ocean.


The view from our balcony. We stayed on the 19th floor with an ocean view and getting to wake up to that every morning made us feel like royalty. And yes, that is a sand volleyball court down below!


Everyday we sat at the Cabana Beach club where we ordered Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daiquiris, and people watched.

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My favorite pool was the one above the Cabana Beach Club. I think that’s because it was a 21 and up only 😉

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One of my other favorite spots was the pool right by the sand volleyball area.

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As soon as I saw these hammocks I was like, yeah this place just gets me ;D haha



I got their cheesecake more than once while I was there. SO good.




One of my favorite parts was having this fruit plate sent up to us. We sat on our balcony eating fruit and drinking champagne while watching the sky change colors as the sun went down.


Seriously, how amazing is this sunset view?

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During my stay I paid a visit to their resort spa and WOW. It was absolutely tranquil and gorgeous. I got a hydrafacial which I highly recommend trying if you go! You also will get a chance to unwind in their relaxation suite.

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We were totally spoiled on our last day there as we got to experience a delicious lunch prepared special by their chef and kitchen staff. I don’t say this lightly–the food is GREAT.

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I miss this place already and can’t wait to visit them again soon! Miami itself is such an amazing and diverse city. Getting to experience it all over again at Eden Roc was the icing on the cake.


Traveling to Miami? Book your stay with Eden Roc.

Thank you to our friends Jomary Jimenez, Jessica Van Horn, and Giancarlo Avila for making our stay even better than imagined. 

Hot Cross Buns

The rain has finally let up here in Texas, thankfully! I ventured around Dallas with my new pal, Jeyson and we shot these in between rain storms. It was such a fun day where we walked around under a rainbow umbrella and sipped on coffee.

I wore this green dress from Stelly, an Australian based company. It’s great if you want to show off your curves for a rainy day around town or night out with friends.

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Get this dress here!

Photos by Jeyson Paez

Pixie Girl

It’s been an interesting past few weeks here in DFW. We have had nonstop rain, thunderstorms, and flash floods. Though I love a good rainstorm I must say I am ready for some sunshine!

I played around in the studio recently channeling some retro vibes for some blog posts. I shot this amazing white lace dress from Pixie Market and also wore it to a Vogue celebration here in Dallas. It’s the perfect party ensemble and so unique. I am also obsessed with white this season so I couldn’t resist!

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Photos by Skyler Fike

Make Me Chic

I am writing to you from the very dreary land of Fort Worth, TX. I only say that because for the past week the weather has been nothing but grey skies, wind, and rain. The upside…the lakes are getting filled up! Though I still pine for the sunshine and much warmer days, I guess one must be patient 😛

I got this adorable new romper from Make Me Chic that is perfect for a sunny summer day. The pattern is so cute and unique and will definitely keep you cool. I paired it with a sun hat because I am pretty obsessed with them and some neutral colored wedges. Seriously, rock this outfit to an outdoor concert, by the pool, or out to lunch with your friends.

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Get my Romper here.

My hat is from BCBG, check out more of their hats here.

photos by Skyler Fike

The Green Movement

It’s no secret that I am a freak when it comes to cold pressed juices, especially when it get closer to summer and I’m working extra hard to be bikini ready. Really, I love pursuing a healthy lifestyle and I love it even more when I enjoy what I am eating and drinking. I have been fitting cold pressed juices to my diet more than ever, and recently I even completed a 3 day juice cleanse leaving me craving bottles of green goodness big time. My friends from Evolution Fresh invited me to try their #3DaysToGreen movement and I gotta say, I loved it! Not only did I feel better and give me body huge boosts of energy, but my cravings went away each time I sipped my drink. They pack a POUND of vegetables in their Sweet Greens and Lemon juice and don’t add any preservatives or artificial flavors, so you’re only getting the good stuff and nothing bad!

Evolution Fresh is something you can easily grab from your local Starbucks or Central Market and I encourage you all to try their #3DaysToGreen movement and see the difference in how your body feels. Also, stick around early next week because we are hosting an Evolution Fresh ‘3 Day Giveaway’ to help you start your 3 day challenge with a gift card and coupons (Uhm, AWESOME!).





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Photos by Skyler Fike

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Roots Juices


Ahhh, there is nothing like a good cleanse to reboot and rewire yourself. Wether it be cleansing your mind or your body, feeling better and taking care of yourself is super important.

I recently discovered Roots Juices in Dallas and became curious with the 3-day juice cleanse they had. I’ve juiced before and love how its a yummy way of getting in all your greens quick and easy. I knew it would be hard at times but it was so worth it!

The first day was probably the easiest, I highly recommend eating as many raw veggies and fruits as you can before taking part in the cleanse. I was in the studio all day working so I was distracted with that instead of any cravings. The best part was the last juice of the day. “Health Nut” a cold press of almonds, dates, sea salt, and water- it felt like a dessert to top off the day. The 2nd day I didn’t start feeling cravings until later in the afternoon but I kept thinking of how happy my body was cleansing out and detoxing so that helped keep me going. I won’t lie- I thought about food quite a bit that night. But my body thanked me for not indulging! The 3rd day I was so proud of myself and feeling good inside so it was an easy day to get through! The next day I ate strictly vegan and then the next 2 days I ate vegetarian (I indulged in some cheese and yogurt).

All in all it was an amazing experience and something I highly recommend to anyone wanting to detox their body. The before and after care of a cleanse is important too. Since you won’t be eating any meant for about a week, find other ways to get good sources of protein after your cleanse (peanut butter, mixed nuts, hard boiled eggs, tofu)

And as far as Roots Juices, they are the place to go to! They simply hand you a bag full of your juice supply with an instruction insert to help you during your cleanse. And bonus- they are Y.U.M.M.Y! I know some are fearful of juicing thinking they won’t like the way they taste, but trust me, you will love what Roots has to offer!

Any questions regarding on juicing don’t hesitate to email stylesmoothieblog@gmail.com or info@rootspressedjuices.com



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Benefits of juicing:
Increased energy.
Strengthening of bones.
Clearer skin.
Lower risk for disease.

Kits and packages
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Visit Roots Juices in Dallas!


Warmed Up


Summer is still far from view, so I find myself trying to enjoy winter fashions more this season. I have an old fur coat passed down to me that I totally love to bust out when I’m feeling either really fancy, really cold, or both. I glided down to a near lake and strolled around enjoying the weather. Granted, the winters here can be quite mild (though I still am always freezing).







Dress: Irene’s Story

Dancing in the Desert

As 2014 comes to a close I have been thinking of all the incredible places I got to visit this year. I took my first trip to Vegas, camped in Big Sur, walked miles in Chicago, rose horses and danced in Denver, and had a few more memorable trips to add to the memory bank. My last trip of the year I visited one of my favorite states, New Mexico, where I revisited my absolute favorite national monument. Thank you to my friends at O’Neill for providing me with the perfect wardrobe for this adventure. And thank you to the folks in Mesilla for making me fall more in love with small towns.

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Buy this dress here.

Photos by Skyler Fike

Meet the Artist: Kevin Fougerousse

Supporting fellow artists is something very important to me. I love watching people create and live their passions out loud. It’s inspiring and and unique to see someone constantly go after their goals and push themselves to get better at whatever that passion may be. Kevin Fougerousse is an impressive artist I met a few years ago while randomly attending an art gallery in Dallas. I wandered around with a glass of wine falling in love with the vivid colors jumping off the canvas. I stumbled into a room upstairs where I found him painting live for an intimate audience and was in awe with how effortlessly he made his talent look (his model good looks make him even more fun to watch). His work is undeniably great and resonates a modern Picasso feel in some pieces.

I asked him a few questions to learn more about his journey with drawing and painting.

Kris: What was the first painting you ever sold?
Kevin: The first piece of art that I sold was the first painting I ever painted. It was a very small painting of the face of a girl, hair covering half of her face. It was about 4 inches by 7 inches. I was surprised somebody asked if the could buy it from me.
Kris: What inspires you most to create?
Kevin: The thing that inspires me most often to create a piece of art has to do with relationship emotions, love, hurt, loss, hope, beauty all the ups and downs.
Kris: What impression do you want your work to leave behind?
Kevin: I want people to feel an emotion, connect with understanding on some human level. Inspired in some way possibly or simply just comforted. Maybe see the light of hope portrayed even in the darkest expressions of my work.
Kris: What is the longest amount of time you have spent creating one piece?
Kevin: The longest I have spent on a painting is usually not too long. Done in a day a lot of times. There have been a couple pieces that I don’t finish for months and even a year or so. That is what I call “touch time” where I’m actually touching and changing paintings. I let the painting paint itself in a way. I start laying paint down till parts of it start to feel complete and I work the rest until it all feels right.
Kris: Just for fun-If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring with you?
Kevin: A toothbrush, a time machine, and a set of pink goggles and snorkel. Not baby light pink though, more like rich vivid bubble gum pink.








I encourage you all to check out Kevin’s website and get more familiar with his work. His art speaks for itself in unique form. And come on, wouldn’t one of his paintings look awesome on your wall? 😉