New Heights

I always need to have a good pair of sunnies on me at all times, maybe because I feel like my eyes have always been slightly more sensitive to light than most people. It’s hard finding a good pair without breaking the bank but Local Supply knows how to balance both quality and a budget. My Willy Wonkas are polarized, lightweight, and stylish. There are lots to chose from on their online store, I definitely want them all. Snag a pair or two and you won’t regret it!

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Sage the Last Dance for Me

I appreciate when someone can take a vision and add a vintage aspect to it. Something about vintage inspired fashion has always had a special place in my heart. Maybe it comes from my frequent trips to antique malls, or the pure nostalgia of it all but just melt when I come across anything in that nature. I’ve been loving the fall fashions I have seen so far and think dresses with longer hem lines are one of the more popular items to have in your closet. Look through Billie+Betty’s online store and you will find tons of cute dresses! This sage green number was my favorite and made me feel like a movie star while walking to Dinner in Downtown Dallas.

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photos by Jordan Laessig 

I love you, Summer


Ahhh, summer don’t leave us! I can’t believe it’s already September and the fall/winter season is among us! (Unless you are one of our readers from the other side of the globe, you are saying hello to Spring right about now). I have to say as much as I love autumn and Halloween and pumpkin scented everything, I am not ready to say goodbye to pool days, bikinis, and sun bathing. My favorite thing about summer has always been the warm nights. Something about that is just so magical to me…

I also can never get enough of the beautiful beaches in Orange County. San Clemente is such a wonderful spot and I think it’s the only part of O.C. that rains ;P
Here are some little pieces of paradise and enjoy your Labor Day, everyone!

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Location: San Clemente, CA
Styled by: Les Pommettes

Up in a Tree

Summer is still burning and that’s okay, because I have so many dresses in my closet I still love to wear! O’Neill is such an inspiring brand to me because of how the company pushes positivity and adventurous sides of life. If you have a chance to check out O’neill Women’s Instagram page I strongly suggest it…you will be tempted to snag a few bikinis, a sundress, and hop on a jet to a tropical island somewhere. They were kind enough to send me this beautiful maxi dress that I really adore! The retro paisley pattern, and slits on each side made me feel like a boho queen while I ventured around San Juan Capistrsano.

This park was so beautiful and had certain views that made me think of Scotland (cool, right?). I of course had to climb a tree and lose myself in the absolute beauty of everything.

_MG_5797 copy _MG_5643 copy _MG_5732 copy _MG_5745 copy


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Photos by Seven Shades of Grey

Lavender Love

I couldn’t be more thrilled today because I tested out some amazing products by Epicuren, a luxurious skin care company. I have always been drawn to the scent of lavender because of its calming element which is  exactly why I enjoyed the Tranquil lavender collection. Some products I have used in the past had too strong of a perfume odor giving it a fake feeling. I was really impressed with how natural and real Epicuren captured this scent. To get the full effect, use all 3 products in order.

Aromatic Sea Salt
I love nothing more than a nice bubble bath. Seriously. Dim the lights, pour in a ridiculous amount of bubbles, and of course add in some bath salts to give your skin some extra attention. Lavender is healing and calming so if you follow the sea salt with the moisturizer your skin will seriously thank you.

After Bath Moisturizer
This product is my favorite from the collection. I am big on moisturizing and make sure to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day to keep it young and refreshed. Smelling like lavender all day is just a huge bonus. This lotion is light and not too thick or heavy which is nice if you want to avoid moisturizers that leave you feeling oily. This particular product also helps with anti aging. Bonus!

Calming Mist
I spritzed this product on my sheets and pillow so I could have extra sweet dreams. I would recommend a little spray before bed because you will definitely feel calm and relaxed.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Find out more about this collection here.

Mermaid X Forever

Since I was a little kid I always wanted to be one…beautiful creatures who get to live in the water? Sign me up! I really have been liking all the fun beanies I have seen recently with sassy sayings on them or a simple word. 1 Vintage Soul is a fun little boutique that has plenty of beanies for you to sport for whatever mood you are in and of course, the mermaid one was my favorite 😉

If you find yourself loving one from their store, enter code “KRISLUV” and get 10% off all beanies. Sweet deal!

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Get this beanie here.

Let Me Tell You a Story

There once was a girl who loved cutesy boutiques so much. One day she stumbled upon Irene’s Story, a chic little store in the heart of downtown Huntington Beach. With all it’s charm and all her delight, she felt as if it was the perfect fit.

Hi all, going off a recent post about this fab boutique I come to you with my next outfit post from Irene’s Story. I found a farming black and white floral dress and grabbed one of their flowy shirts to try on over it, I was smitten! I enjoy shopping here because the store is right by the beach and in the middle of all the HB chaos it brings a little shabby feel to the area (there threads are also wallet friendly!) I strolled roof top at the Hollywood tower with Cass and we shot this outfit before grabbing dinner at Franklin & Co. What do you all think?

IMG_0503_0355 copy IMG_0526_0376 copy IMG_0494_0346 copy IMG_0512_0364 copy


Get this dress here.

Slappy Hour x Kristen Williams

Hello readers! I am really excited to share with all of you a little collaboration I just recently worked on. My buddy and talented skater, Travis, started his own skate company (Slappy Hour Skate Co.) where he takes old decks are reshapes them for new use. It’s such an awesome idea and and cool way to recycle. We decided it would be fun to get some of my custom art work on a few of them so I hand painted some decks and they are now up for sale on the site! Slappy Hour decks are only $30-$40, so pick one up and get skating!

10560968_1430676093886784_308869429_n 926826_663529953730304_514237842_n



Meet Me by the Reef

Hollywood is such a fun city, if you know the right places to go. I love visiting the city because it feels so different compared to Orange County. I spent my day with Cass as we floated around the Hollywood tower snapping some photos, & enjoying the panoramic view of the Hollywood sign and Griffith observatory. We are so excited that our friends from Bollare sent over some Reef shoes to us this summer! These are the flip flops I picked out, super comfy and convenient with a cute little print.

IMG_0670_0507 copy IMG_0672_0509 copy

IMG_0690_0526 copy

IMG_0700_0532 copyxokris

Keep an eye out for more of our Reef shoes!

Get these flip flops here!

Photos by Cassandra