I love you, Summer


Ahhh, summer don’t leave us! I can’t believe it’s already September and the fall/winter season is among us! (Unless you are one of our readers from the other side of the globe, you are saying hello to Spring right about now). I have to say as much as I love autumn and Halloween and pumpkin scented everything, I am not ready to say goodbye to pool days, bikinis, and sun bathing. My favorite thing about summer has always been the warm nights. Something about that is just so magical to me…

I also can never get enough of the beautiful beaches in Orange County. San Clemente is such a wonderful spot and I think it’s the only part of O.C. that rains ;P
Here are some little pieces of paradise and enjoy your Labor Day, everyone!

dsc_0015_1-2 kOLSoDx_CAnuM6-4FdZx7EchZNakoFJE1-Zg111NOCM dsc_0343_1 xK0lIAolbLT75G62NSzFHwKAN_rwBLHpk44t3h-O3B8 328kEIvKdxGEcTcJwRJ2jZFHiElWxsouY7uTnZ7vyYY dsc_0430_2-2 DSC_1167


Location: San Clemente, CA
Styled by: Les Pommettes

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