Bliss in Cancún!

Okay, so I am going over some of my most favorite trips I’ve been on and it’s taking everything in me to not just jump on a plane heading to the beach. Until then, I can reminisce on one of my best friends weddings in Cancun. Iberostar was one of the most gorgeous resorts I have ever stayed at and one of the most epic trips I have ever been on.



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Sail Away

Thank goodness for sunny days spend with your closest friends, your bae, your dog, or just a good outfit. One of my favorite things to do is be by the water…doesn’t matter where–it can be a pool, the lake, or the ocean (I’m totally a mermaid). I spent the day frolicking in the sun in my new O’Neill jumper that they sweetly sent over to me. I’m so ready for more days like this.

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Get this jumpsuit here!

Photos by Skyler Fike

I’m a Hurley Girl…

I’m such a girl sometimes…I claimed it necessary to embrace spring by purchasing bright pink lipsticks and nail polish to match, so I was satisfied when I opened a box from Hurley to find this pink top inside. Something about the color, it literally brings me some kind of joy. So does long boarding. I actually enjoy falling off my board, getting a little dirty, and playing outside. As long as I get to wear my pink lipstick while doing it 😉

I have a lot to be thankful for right now and life has been an unpredictable roller coaster for the most part. Every day brings something new for me to discover and by just going with the flow, I learn so much more about myself. I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold in store and plan to continue focusing on all the good I am surrounded by, or even the small things. Like an electric pink tank from my friends at Hurley.

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Get your PINK on!

photos by Skyler Fike

& Beach

Ahh, it’s hard to complain about anything when I am in my favorite bikini, hanging by the pool, and enjoying a frozen drink. I don’t see the trend of Brazilian bikinis slowing down anytime soon so if you still don’t have one I suggest checking out Bossa and Beach! I got to meet the founder, Vanessa, in the midst of a long boarding sesh while in Manhattan Beach and she brought along with her a few bikinis for me to try out. I loved the yellow bandeau top and it’s bright pop of color.






Get this bikini here.

I love you, Summer


Ahhh, summer don’t leave us! I can’t believe it’s already September and the fall/winter season is among us! (Unless you are one of our readers from the other side of the globe, you are saying hello to Spring right about now). I have to say as much as I love autumn and Halloween and pumpkin scented everything, I am not ready to say goodbye to pool days, bikinis, and sun bathing. My favorite thing about summer has always been the warm nights. Something about that is just so magical to me…

I also can never get enough of the beautiful beaches in Orange County. San Clemente is such a wonderful spot and I think it’s the only part of O.C. that rains ;P
Here are some little pieces of paradise and enjoy your Labor Day, everyone!

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Location: San Clemente, CA
Styled by: Les Pommettes

Mermaid X Forever

Since I was a little kid I always wanted to be one…beautiful creatures who get to live in the water? Sign me up! I really have been liking all the fun beanies I have seen recently with sassy sayings on them or a simple word. 1 Vintage Soul is a fun little boutique that has plenty of beanies for you to sport for whatever mood you are in and of course, the mermaid one was my favorite 😉

If you find yourself loving one from their store, enter code “KRISLUV” and get 10% off all beanies. Sweet deal!

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Get this beanie here.

Slappy Hour x Kristen Williams

Hello readers! I am really excited to share with all of you a little collaboration I just recently worked on. My buddy and talented skater, Travis, started his own skate company (Slappy Hour Skate Co.) where he takes old decks are reshapes them for new use. It’s such an awesome idea and and cool way to recycle. We decided it would be fun to get some of my custom art work on a few of them so I hand painted some decks and they are now up for sale on the site! Slappy Hour decks are only $30-$40, so pick one up and get skating!

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Meet Me by the Reef

Hollywood is such a fun city, if you know the right places to go. I love visiting the city because it feels so different compared to Orange County. I spent my day with Cass as we floated around the Hollywood tower snapping some photos, & enjoying the panoramic view of the Hollywood sign and Griffith observatory. We are so excited that our friends from Bollare sent over some Reef shoes to us this summer! These are the flip flops I picked out, super comfy and convenient with a cute little print.

IMG_0670_0507 copy IMG_0672_0509 copy

IMG_0690_0526 copy

IMG_0700_0532 copyxokris

Keep an eye out for more of our Reef shoes!

Get these flip flops here!

Photos by Cassandra


My Day with Talee

We all have those friends who capture and mirror off pure energy (if we’re lucky) Those friends who are always up for a dare, help push you to your goals, and speak words of encouragement whenever you are going through a battle in life (again, if we are lucky!) I love that I have a friend like that, her name is Talee. She is a singer/songwriter and just opened her own yoga studio in SoCal, check it out here! Spending a day with a fellow hippie and songbird makes any day feel like summer. This is my day with Talee.

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Fiik Yeah!

Summer is the perfect time to try new things and push your limits…at least that’s how I always spend the season! I try to do something active outside everyday because a little fresh air and exercise has always been the best combo to getting fit and staying healthy. So a little about Fiik Electric Skateboards, I know what you’re thinking…”It’s an electric board, how in the world is that exercise” TRUST me! If you like to carve, do power slides, or work on your balance then you will definitely feel it in your legs after a day on one of these bad boys. (My favorite was the street surfer). I rode around with pro athlete Reno Makani and absolutely fell for this company.

10358864_10202320449438603_9098317749157799991_n DCIM105GOPRO

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 5.39.21 PM


Fiik Electric Skateboards
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