Fiik Yeah!

Summer is the perfect time to try new things and push your limits…at least that’s how I always spend the season! I try to do something active outside everyday because a little fresh air and exercise has always been the best combo to getting fit and staying healthy. So a little about Fiik Electric Skateboards, I know what you’re thinking…”It’s an electric board, how in the world is that exercise” TRUST me! If you like to carve, do power slides, or work on your balance then you will definitely feel it in your legs after a day on one of these bad boys. (My favorite was the street surfer). I rode around with pro athlete Reno Makani and absolutely fell for this company.

10358864_10202320449438603_9098317749157799991_n DCIM105GOPRO

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 5.39.21 PM


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