Meet Me by the Reef

Hollywood is such a fun city, if you know the right places to go. I love visiting the city because it feels so different compared to Orange County. I spent my day with Cass as we floated around the Hollywood tower snapping some photos, & enjoying the panoramic view of the Hollywood sign and Griffith observatory. We are so excited that our friends from Bollare sent over some Reef shoes to us this summer! These are the flip flops I picked out, super comfy and convenient with a cute little print.

IMG_0670_0507 copy IMG_0672_0509 copy

IMG_0690_0526 copy

IMG_0700_0532 copyxokris

Keep an eye out for more of our Reef shoes!

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Photos by Cassandra


My Day with Talee

We all have those friends who capture and mirror off pure energy (if we’re lucky) Those friends who are always up for a dare, help push you to your goals, and speak words of encouragement whenever you are going through a battle in life (again, if we are lucky!) I love that I have a friend like that, her name is Talee. She is a singer/songwriter and just opened her own yoga studio in SoCal, check it out here! Spending a day with a fellow hippie and songbird makes any day feel like summer. This is my day with Talee.

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Fiik Yeah!

Summer is the perfect time to try new things and push your limits…at least that’s how I always spend the season! I try to do something active outside everyday because a little fresh air and exercise has always been the best combo to getting fit and staying healthy. So a little about Fiik Electric Skateboards, I know what you’re thinking…”It’s an electric board, how in the world is that exercise” TRUST me! If you like to carve, do power slides, or work on your balance then you will definitely feel it in your legs after a day on one of these bad boys. (My favorite was the street surfer). I rode around with pro athlete Reno Makani and absolutely fell for this company.

10358864_10202320449438603_9098317749157799991_n DCIM105GOPRO

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 5.39.21 PM


Fiik Electric Skateboards
Fiik Instagram
Fiik Facebook

Saltwater Room

I think it’s obvious I love bikinis and I dig the fact that I pretty much get to live in one out here in SoCal. What’s a special gem is when I find an amazing one piece suit. They are great for surfing if you’re going to ditch the wetsuit (especially because I’m always concerned that my bikini top will fly off. 😛 ) Of course Hurley never fails when it comes to swim wear so I was extremely happy when they sent over this white and black number. It’s also pretty rad that the inside lining is leopard print so when it gets wet you can see the cool pattern.IMG_5093 copy IMG_4865 copy IMG_4980 copy IMG_4952 copy IMG_5083 copy IMG_5111 copyxokris

Check out all their one pieces here!

photos by Seven Shades of Grey

I Can’t Hide the Way I’m Feelin’

It’s almost Spring, what the heck! I don’t really mind because that means I will get to go back to living life in nothing but a bikini. I’m all for comfort, bold colors, or fun prints. Greenlee Swim sent over this rad suit that fit me perfectly and looked like every surfer girls dream. You can mix and match your suit, I had a red top (get it here) and navy blue bottoms (get them here). Mix up the colors and styles to see what you come up with!

_MG_9946 copy_MG_9964 copy_MG_9954 copy_MG_9968 copy


Greenlee Swim

Photos by Seven Shades of Grey

Stars Shine Brighter & Hang a Little Higher

Hello fellow beach lovers! 🙂
I just want to say how obsessed I am with Hurley’s winter gear…I know it doesn’t always feel like winter in SoCal but living a few blocks from the beach I sometimes feel the ocean breeze when I’m out at night cruising down town or skate boarding with my friends. So, Hurley sent me a few items that I completely loved for those days that are a little chilly.


-D9RpC8oFQuzd8dAmz0WcYh1O5hqYWWzbrzLg5zXcuQ,SULkH7ZEwg-5uboSAK-C9DnAds3zzKo4nx5bmUWMujQ,c3w5NeCxDHox_MdAzrFUh76DIGBjV1cqllDeD252qv8 ppVHEvvTaa2-kPb9gfu97yaBT7_H3mZ1tO2LNHgSeeI,h6feGouT6xEH3tiD-TuEjHUuyo4IE9DnZCyrNrFdO-U,ggCqAIblEus1y9o1vlhoZ5jXRxpVF9LMHNiet2g7HFI 


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Shop my look!

Hurley Pullover

Winchester Heather Grey Jacket

Hurley of the Deep Biker Tank Top

Parachute Moto Jacket

Hurley Girls Instagram

photos by Sara Kiesling

Basta Surfin’

For those of you that are in SoCal…you are probably making all of your out of state friends jealous with how amazing the weather has been. I really had a good time trying out my Basta Surf bikinis and especially loved them because they are perfect to wear under a wetsuit. I wore mine around Huntington Beach and loved the light, soft feel of them.

_MG_9992 copy S0190189 copy _MG_0040 copy _MG_0161 copy_MG_0025 copy _MG_0063 copy _MG_0101 copy _MG_0127 copy _MG_0012 copy

Get the Palm print here.
Get the Army Bunny print here.


Basta Surf FaceBook
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photos by Seven Shades of Grey

Somewhere in Venice With Ya’

Well hello 🙂 I have to say I am very much loving all the flowers and beauty I found while venturing around Venice Beach with my friends Cassandra and Sara. I especially loved doing so in this rad dress that Hurley sent me…I decided to dress it way up and give it a different look. I feel the most carefree in a cute sundress. See what I mean and get this dress here!

2USwR-k9oRTRpC-TN9B2uRwXo3LPT7HCt0uRzEHrF8E,uFj1jn43Yq2pfgbvA2YwJ3NFnSH5ibJSaLmnPDxSZzw,cm14fhQ29kHZTiLYXz2hNWImh-gxZeZrq-M-1UMinU4,zkPS3lCjC63l5znlE2RHCDGLlXoIpT1zbZ1SU8I8Rp8 6VmacHdEz5dwKwsfHTcknowDKWJbzz_yK0MdPbdm6ag,NcrQJ5MpKllyzGUDb-oGLwE3QJ1OKlnUBl8YdLndWV8,ODx6Ho_HgN6iQlixQk60_-H1ZGjHzApubhsYyrvzobc 85CTkuQwKOl-RK7c0xZcgt7PlNoCMQBJZ0XVSJhL5DE,s4ybs5v84QANq1nUhlVlUTMgHmZDEzDZzDFeQl6aEqI,W9Ok5Z7qjE4m5aVjJ-NFDPjzJwE2leYgNgWwB9BlpMo ap-ZcyhlEATRYxT5LMiRaBCh7gmj7nCjhcpdf3_9IAE,hhOAefbpf-4ZOzTBzMyAlO2cFEX8dUR8Z7q7VoCzKO0,9DvDJqFie238rAwOhWRpcmmStgm2uOb-KSylPkpCJs4 Xf6oR_d6GlpgfGadgkPnY-z-3CtQ736i-tKTd7sAUZ8,8QshCSNA4VOKCyTSUtztfPBhGXfvNkqx3Y8j8UNn0Xw,QQFOowkofd_7Dv1DybwIHHxjhSMC5qVG_307FlCP_y0,_9MJn_epMrN4jgUOqFUOKO7wwkwOkVzV38vjPYD_fU0


Photos by Sara Kiesling 

Light Hearted for Feather Hearts

This summer in Huntington Beach has been a late bloomer and decided to grace us with  some sunlight a little later than usual. I love grabbing my board, coconut milk, and a towel while basking in the heat and of course throwing on a light tank. Feather Hearts is a dark and edgy Americana inspired clothing brand based in LA with tops that are perfect to throw on before you head to the beach.




Are you a misfit? Get this tank here.




Wanna join the babe squad? Get this tank here.
Like my skull hair scarf? Check out more designed by Alexander McQueen.

Grab your sunscreen, surf board, and some Feather Hearts threads.


Feather Hearts