Just a little summer inspo coming your way while I schedule themes for new companies I’m working with while balancing everything else going on in my life. Also this is the first Saturday since I can remember where I had absolutely nothing that needed to be done work or personal wise. I’m thinking I’ll spend it planning my vacation, longboarding, writing new music, hanging out with my brother, or going for a run (basically all my favorite things). For now, I’ll just be taking it easy till it’s time to work on my next big project ;P




xoxo kris

Hot Cross Buns

The rain has finally let up here in Texas, thankfully! I ventured around Dallas with my new pal, Jeyson and we shot these in between rain storms. It was such a fun day where we walked around under a rainbow umbrella and sipped on coffee.

I wore this green dress from Stelly, an Australian based company. It’s great if you want to show off your curves for a rainy day around town or night out with friends.

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Get this dress here!

Photos by Jeyson Paez

Stripes of a Tiger

Hello, lovely readers and Happy Cinco De Mayo ;P I am so happy that May is upon us and that summer is finally peeking her head around the corner…Spring/Summer season wardrobes are my absolute favorite when it comes to wearing things in my closet, and one of my top favorites is wearing two piece dresses. Perfect for a day out shopping and then to go grab a sweet tea with your friends. One of my favorite online stores with lots of two piece combos is LuLu’s, they seriously have pages of cute clothes that help my embrace the June bug that I am.







Get the stripes two piece set here.

Get my skirt here.

Shoes: White House Black Market. ON SALE!

Purse: GUESS. Buy Similar.

Photos by Skyler Fike

Happy Earth Day!

It’s that time of the year again…Earth Day! For many, it’s just any other ordinary day but I’ve always enjoyed acknowledging the day and spreading some sort of awareness to other around me how important it is. But just like I feel like we should show love every day and not just on Valentine’s Day, I feel we should celebrate our planet every day and not just on Earth Day! I spend a lot of time outside and I don’t think that will ever change about me, so I believe in keeping Mother Nature happy by keeping her clean and respecting her beauty. My friends at Synergy Organic Clothing believe in the same thing.

Their clothing is made with Certified Organic Cotton and other eco-friendly fibers. Using these materials reduces pesticide usage, damage to fresh water resources, and lowers health risks for global farming communities.  Also, to minimize a carbon footprint Synergy Organic Clothing primarily uses solar lighting in their warehouse, reuse boxes for shipments, and recycle paper. They predominately work with organic cotton from India that is dyed with low impact dyes. They are also big on fundraising, empowering women, fair trade practices, and supporting foundations such as The Waterwheel Foundation, a non-profit benefiting young children and women clean water, food banks, urban gardening, and more.

If there is any company you should support and shop from today, it is definitely Synergy Organic Clothing!

IMG_6323 IMG_6327 IMG_6332 IMG_6326 IMG_6318 IMG_6329 IMG_6334


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photos by Skyler Fike

Festival Bound

We all know what season it is. No, it’s not Spring…it’s Festival Season 😉 The season of girls dressing up like boho hippies and taking a million photos of their outfits at Coachella. (Wait, Coachella has bands play?! I would have never known. *sarcasm*) The thing is, being a fashion lover, I don’t mind seeing the inflow of photos on my Instagram of fringe, crop tops, and floppy hats. I didn’t go to Coachella this year but there are so many other festivals coming up that I can’t wait to check out, and I’ve been having so much fun putting together outfits for the occasion.







Head to toe in Forever 21 (shop their festival items!)

photos by Skyler Fike

Sail Away

Thank goodness for sunny days spend with your closest friends, your bae, your dog, or just a good outfit. One of my favorite things to do is be by the water…doesn’t matter where–it can be a pool, the lake, or the ocean (I’m totally a mermaid). I spent the day frolicking in the sun in my new O’Neill jumper that they sweetly sent over to me. I’m so ready for more days like this.

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Photos by Skyler Fike

I’m a Hurley Girl…

I’m such a girl sometimes…I claimed it necessary to embrace spring by purchasing bright pink lipsticks and nail polish to match, so I was satisfied when I opened a box from Hurley to find this pink top inside. Something about the color, it literally brings me some kind of joy. So does long boarding. I actually enjoy falling off my board, getting a little dirty, and playing outside. As long as I get to wear my pink lipstick while doing it 😉

I have a lot to be thankful for right now and life has been an unpredictable roller coaster for the most part. Every day brings something new for me to discover and by just going with the flow, I learn so much more about myself. I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold in store and plan to continue focusing on all the good I am surrounded by, or even the small things. Like an electric pink tank from my friends at Hurley.

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Get your PINK on!

photos by Skyler Fike

It’s All Smooth Sailing From Here

I had so much fun this past week in Dallas with the bipolar weather and new threads from Smooth Sailinga company that embraces all the weird and wonderful things in life. I got to bask in the sun and couple days later, I played in the snow all day. All in all it was a fun and adventurous week running around Deep Ellum and Eagle Mountain park while it sat under a blanket of snow.




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Ssail Utility Jacket

Red Plaid Flannel Shirt

Floral Logo T-Shirt

Weird & Wonderful T-Shirt

SS Snapback

Photos by Skyler Fike & Kristen Williams

Bed & Breakfast

Greetings, beautiful readers. I hope you have all been getting through the slum of the end-of-winter blues. That time of winter when you’re counting down the days till spring so you can remember what sunshine everyday feels like. Well, cabin fever may be taking over your whole existence if that’s the case, leaving you wondering what is new and exciting you can do while still having the warmth of being inside. To shake up things in that slump, I visited McKinney Bed and Breakfast  with my wonderful boyfriend where we enjoyed sampling breakfast treats and reading books in a room (“The Sweet“) that looks like it was cut from a piece of heaven. The newly remodeled room is a Better Homes worthy find and comes with even better hospitality. Amp up your weekend and visit this beautiful abode to see for yourself.




Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset









Restaurants to check out in the area (all within walking distance)
For Breakfast- Snug on the Square
For Lunch- Patina Green Home and Market
For Dinner- Square Burger


Book your stay today

Get my outfits here.

Photos by Skyler Fike

All Wrapped Up

Throwing it back to White Sands (again 🙂 haha). Just me enjoying the sun just before it set over the mountains while wrapped up in a warm blanket. I’ve been in the beginning stages of planning another trip here soon, the ones I do have planned aren’t until the start of summer and I want to sneak in a get away before then! I’m thinking either Florida, the Carolinas, maybe back to California, or keep it close and go explore Austin. Till then I’ll just reminisce over here about this sandy escape. ❤







Photos By: Skyler Fike

Bikini: Zink Swimwear