Happy Earth Day!

It’s that time of the year again…Earth Day! For many, it’s just any other ordinary day but I’ve always enjoyed acknowledging the day and spreading some sort of awareness to other around me how important it is. But just like I feel like we should show love every day and not just on Valentine’s Day, I feel we should celebrate our planet every day and not just on Earth Day! I spend a lot of time outside and I don’t think that will ever change about me, so I believe in keeping Mother Nature happy by keeping her clean and respecting her beauty. My friends at Synergy Organic Clothing believe in the same thing.

Their clothing is made with Certified Organic Cotton and other eco-friendly fibers. Using these materials reduces pesticide usage, damage to fresh water resources, and lowers health risks for global farming communities.  Also, to minimize a carbon footprint Synergy Organic Clothing primarily uses solar lighting in their warehouse, reuse boxes for shipments, and recycle paper. They predominately work with organic cotton from India that is dyed with low impact dyes. They are also big on fundraising, empowering women, fair trade practices, and supporting foundations such as The Waterwheel Foundation, a non-profit benefiting young children and women clean water, food banks, urban gardening, and more.

If there is any company you should support and shop from today, it is definitely Synergy Organic Clothing!

IMG_6323 IMG_6327 IMG_6332 IMG_6326 IMG_6318 IMG_6329 IMG_6334


Get my  dress here!

photos by Skyler Fike

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