I love you, Summer


Ahhh, summer don’t leave us! I can’t believe it’s already September and the fall/winter season is among us! (Unless you are one of our readers from the other side of the globe, you are saying hello to Spring right about now). I have to say as much as I love autumn and Halloween and pumpkin scented everything, I am not ready to say goodbye to pool days, bikinis, and sun bathing. My favorite thing about summer has always been the warm nights. Something about that is just so magical to me…

I also can never get enough of the beautiful beaches in Orange County. San Clemente is such a wonderful spot and I think it’s the only part of O.C. that rains ;P
Here are some little pieces of paradise and enjoy your Labor Day, everyone!

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Location: San Clemente, CA
Styled by: Les Pommettes

Up in a Tree

Summer is still burning and that’s okay, because I have so many dresses in my closet I still love to wear! O’Neill is such an inspiring brand to me because of how the company pushes positivity and adventurous sides of life. If you have a chance to check out O’neill Women’s Instagram page I strongly suggest it…you will be tempted to snag a few bikinis, a sundress, and hop on a jet to a tropical island somewhere. They were kind enough to send me this beautiful maxi dress that I really adore! The retro paisley pattern, and slits on each side made me feel like a boho queen while I ventured around San Juan Capistrsano.

This park was so beautiful and had certain views that made me think of Scotland (cool, right?). I of course had to climb a tree and lose myself in the absolute beauty of everything.

_MG_5797 copy _MG_5643 copy _MG_5732 copy _MG_5745 copy


Get this dress here!

Photos by Seven Shades of Grey

Let Me Tell You a Story

There once was a girl who loved cutesy boutiques so much. One day she stumbled upon Irene’s Story, a chic little store in the heart of downtown Huntington Beach. With all it’s charm and all her delight, she felt as if it was the perfect fit.

Hi all, going off a recent post about this fab boutique I come to you with my next outfit post from Irene’s Story. I found a farming black and white floral dress and grabbed one of their flowy shirts to try on over it, I was smitten! I enjoy shopping here because the store is right by the beach and in the middle of all the HB chaos it brings a little shabby feel to the area (there threads are also wallet friendly!) I strolled roof top at the Hollywood tower with Cass and we shot this outfit before grabbing dinner at Franklin & Co. What do you all think?

IMG_0503_0355 copy IMG_0526_0376 copy IMG_0494_0346 copy IMG_0512_0364 copy


Get this dress here.

Keep Austin Weird

It’s time for a little travel, wouldn’t ya say? Especially it being summer and all, we all need a little get away to keep our lives full of adventure and even spontaneity 😉 I was just sitting up stairs in my parents house in Fort Worth thinking to myself…’AUSTIN’. It had been on my mind for a while and I haven’t visited in some odd years so I was itching to get back to the funky city. I picked up my phone, text my best friend at work and told her “This weekend we are going to Austin”. She was down so we made plans to stay in a cute cottage we found on airbnb.com (SO cute!) All weekend we ate BBQ, ventured 6th street, visited Hamilton Pool, and made some fun new friends.

IMG_9755 IMG_9794

Places to check out: Hamilton Pool
This spot was awesome with a short easy hike down. Get there early to avoid a long wait to get in (it packs up fast) bring water and some floaties to relax in the water with!

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Places to check out: Our Airbnb Cottage
This amazing one bedroom home had everything you could want. My favorite part was the out door shower AND the outdoor bathtub!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Places to check out: Hula Hut
Because it wouldn’t be a proper trip to Austin without going 😉DSC_0615

There are so many great things I could share about Austin, most of which you need to discover on your own…I hope you all get to make it there one day if you haven’t already!


Saltwater Room

I think it’s obvious I love bikinis and I dig the fact that I pretty much get to live in one out here in SoCal. What’s a special gem is when I find an amazing one piece suit. They are great for surfing if you’re going to ditch the wetsuit (especially because I’m always concerned that my bikini top will fly off. 😛 ) Of course Hurley never fails when it comes to swim wear so I was extremely happy when they sent over this white and black number. It’s also pretty rad that the inside lining is leopard print so when it gets wet you can see the cool pattern.IMG_5093 copy IMG_4865 copy IMG_4980 copy IMG_4952 copy IMG_5083 copy IMG_5111 copyxokris

Check out all their one pieces here!

photos by Seven Shades of Grey

Feelin’ Boho Blu

How is everyone enjoying June so far? I love summer wardrobe and fashion so much because of how simple it is. I basically live in dresses and rompers and really love this specific one from BohoBlu. I’m usually too tall for rompers leaving me sad that I can’t sport most of them so I was thrilled when BohoBlu sent me one that was long enough to make the perfect fit!Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset securedownload-6 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Get this romper here!

In Bloom

If you haven’t noticed let me fill you in on a secret…I am obsessed with Maxi dresses! Ah…So glad I got that off my chest. When I saw this one from In Bloom Boutique I was immediately drawn in from the vibrant colors and unique fit. They have tons of adorable dresses and some really awesome palazzo pants that are really in style right now! It doesn’t hurt that their prices are pretty reasonable also 😉IMG_4656 copy IMG_4623 copy IMG_4675 copy


In Bloom Boutique

photos by Seven Shades of Grey

Tie Dye Love

Hello everyone, if you are reading this that means I have survived the crazy heat wave that came through SoCal this past week. I was either at the beach or by the pool everyday trying to keep cool (tragic, right?). It cooled down a little yesterday and I decided to wear my new tie dye maxi dress from Piace Boutique. I have always had a place in my heart for tie dye so it skipped a beat when I saw this little number.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetxokris

Get this dress here.

Love and Palms

I got the pleasure to collab again with Kandy Wrappers bikinis…Uhm, they have the same initials as me so they are extra cool for that 😉 I loved the colors and pattern on this suit and was immediately drawn to it. Bandeau tops are awesome if you don’t want string tan lines hugging around your neck so this is the perfect sun bathing bikini.

IMG_8614 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

sample sale[2]

If you love these bikinis as much as I do check out the sample sale they are having May 18th in Beverly Hills!


Photos by Justin Park