Meet the Artist: Kevin Fougerousse

Supporting fellow artists is something very important to me. I love watching people create and live their passions out loud. It’s inspiring and and unique to see someone constantly go after their goals and push themselves to get better at whatever that passion may be. Kevin Fougerousse is an impressive artist I met a few years ago while randomly attending an art gallery in Dallas. I wandered around with a glass of wine falling in love with the vivid colors jumping off the canvas. I stumbled into a room upstairs where I found him painting live for an intimate audience and was in awe with how effortlessly he made his talent look (his model good looks make him even more fun to watch). His work is undeniably great and resonates a modern Picasso feel in some pieces.

I asked him a few questions to learn more about his journey with drawing and painting.

Kris: What was the first painting you ever sold?
Kevin: The first piece of art that I sold was the first painting I ever painted. It was a very small painting of the face of a girl, hair covering half of her face. It was about 4 inches by 7 inches. I was surprised somebody asked if the could buy it from me.
Kris: What inspires you most to create?
Kevin: The thing that inspires me most often to create a piece of art has to do with relationship emotions, love, hurt, loss, hope, beauty all the ups and downs.
Kris: What impression do you want your work to leave behind?
Kevin: I want people to feel an emotion, connect with understanding on some human level. Inspired in some way possibly or simply just comforted. Maybe see the light of hope portrayed even in the darkest expressions of my work.
Kris: What is the longest amount of time you have spent creating one piece?
Kevin: The longest I have spent on a painting is usually not too long. Done in a day a lot of times. There have been a couple pieces that I don’t finish for months and even a year or so. That is what I call “touch time” where I’m actually touching and changing paintings. I let the painting paint itself in a way. I start laying paint down till parts of it start to feel complete and I work the rest until it all feels right.
Kris: Just for fun-If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring with you?
Kevin: A toothbrush, a time machine, and a set of pink goggles and snorkel. Not baby light pink though, more like rich vivid bubble gum pink.








I encourage you all to check out Kevin’s website and get more familiar with his work. His art speaks for itself in unique form. And come on, wouldn’t one of his paintings look awesome on your wall? 😉


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