Do I Make Myself Clear? (90’s Week!)

If the 90’s are back then color me ecstatic. I went on a quest to find some amazing clear bags. I remember transparent EVERYTHING being popular on the kindergarden playground and I was absolutely obsessed with thinking about owning a house full of clear couches, phones, dishes, and backpacks. (I was always an interesting kiddo) I was really happy when I came across Clear-Handbags and they sent over my dream backpack. I was also gaga over Lisa Frank back in the 90’s so I decided to take a page out of Cassandra’s book (see post here.) and decorated my new bag to give it an even more 90’s feel. Keep checking back with us this week as we fill the blog with our favorite decade!


What’s in my bag? Headphones and iPod because I can’t go anywhere without my music, ring pop to fuel my sugar rush, Vera Bradley compact mirror, pencil case, and note paper, journal for my thoughts, and my favorite magazines.DSC_0230 DSC_0244 DSC_0247 DSC_0250

Get this backpack here.
Tank: SuperColour



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