Jaw Dropping in Jaw Breaking

Every girly girl needs a liiitle edge to go with her style just to spruce things up and see how creative you can get with styling. I am in love with everything about Jawbreaking’s clothing line… from the over sized tees to crop tops and beanies. Their designs are funky and chic at the same time. Perfect for any girl who needs some pieces to spruce up her closet… Check out some of my favorite looks from their line!


“Success is the best revenge”
Super soft and extra sassy, I played it up with some hair chalk from Urban Outfitters.

Like this shirt? Cool, it’s on sale go get it here.



A picture in a picture, cruising down a palm tree lined road in my Vagabond muscle tank. Brings the feeling of California to you wherever you may be.

Want this shirt? Cool, get it here.



“Start Living”
Couldn’t have said it better myself. This rad tee comes distressed and comfy.
Fun to wear as a cover up to the beach or to your favorite concert.

Shop Jawbreaking at Urban Outfitters.

Check out Jawbreaking and have a wicked ball in their gear 😉



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