We’re Burning all the Bridges


Happy April! There’s always so much beauty to be explored and that’s just what happened at Casper’s Nature Park in San Juan. Aside from the massive amounts of squirrels and occasional prickly plants this place was amazing. There are horses, wide open fields, and fun trees to climb in 😉 I suggest everyone makes a pit stop here this Spring! I am getting more into drape skirts with their asymmetrical look and dress up or down capability. I wear mine with heels as well as my chucks. Furor Moda has beautiful skirts that you can check out here._MG_6050 copy _MG_6117 copy _MG_6092 copy _MG_6136 copy _MG_5980 copyxokris

Skirt: Furor Moda

Top: Hips and Hair

photos by Seven Shades of Grey

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