Victoria’s Secrets & Salt Kisses

I haven’t been able to get enough of Laguna Beach recently and have been in the water more this fall then I was all summer it seems (no complaints). I try to never get used to the fact that I live so close to the beach so that I never lose sight of the beauty that I am blessed enough to be surrounded by. I still am so thrilled that I got to collaborate with Victoria’s Secret on some of my own person styles in their swimwear. If you didn’t see my first post on them you can check it out here. My collection of their bikinis is growing and I blame it on their wide selection of amazing designs!

VS_round2_0026 VS_round2_0028

VS_round2_0034 VS_round2_0038 VS_round2_0039

VS_round2_0040 VS_round2_0042 VS_round2_0045 KristenVS_UW_0029 copy

Get this bikini here.
Check out more from their Very Sexy collection here.


Photos by Seven Shades of Grey

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