Dumpster Treasures

It’s no secret that I sometimes like to pull things out of dumpsters and bring the items home with me (totally not weird). Things like dishes, old lamps, picture frames, and  even a sweater. There are some times when I come across things that are really nifty, like an old skate deck that is unridable and someone thought to be garbage. If you ever see old surfboards, skateboards, or scrap wood, scoop them up! You could turn it into a really cool custom art piece.


I decided I wanted to make a magazine collage on my board. I rounded up old surf magazines and cut out photos that inspired me.


Once you figure out how you want to place the magazine cut outs on your board, grab some rubber cement (Hobby Lobby) and use a fair amount to glue the pieces, but not too much so that the paper becomes soggy! Finish up with a gloss coating over the entire front to give extra protection against tearing and give it some shine. Hang it up on your wall and you’ve got a cool art piece you made all on your own 🙂


Pretty radical, right? 😉


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