Stars Shine Brighter & Hang a Little Higher

Hello fellow beach lovers! 🙂
I just want to say how obsessed I am with Hurley’s winter gear…I know it doesn’t always feel like winter in SoCal but living a few blocks from the beach I sometimes feel the ocean breeze when I’m out at night cruising down town or skate boarding with my friends. So, Hurley sent me a few items that I completely loved for those days that are a little chilly.


-D9RpC8oFQuzd8dAmz0WcYh1O5hqYWWzbrzLg5zXcuQ,SULkH7ZEwg-5uboSAK-C9DnAds3zzKo4nx5bmUWMujQ,c3w5NeCxDHox_MdAzrFUh76DIGBjV1cqllDeD252qv8 ppVHEvvTaa2-kPb9gfu97yaBT7_H3mZ1tO2LNHgSeeI,h6feGouT6xEH3tiD-TuEjHUuyo4IE9DnZCyrNrFdO-U,ggCqAIblEus1y9o1vlhoZ5jXRxpVF9LMHNiet2g7HFI 


b0yCAjjpeEIZcyIKVOfU0NfIRrQ-cqjN8Kr7y8ju4So,m2olFVZgqcPRSefSrtyrelYCCE1Crb-3oVSw6gV-mvM,uezjFH3kBDjtrkxeHQqz4baioS9qh05IOYLVfuqwr6A VegYFHNz8i-8iIv0QhdHv5MAiymPgy_ibHu8Iy6lLDY,IM_DRKHPSW7bGUew4bsdPjxbkvbDoQG6yLxkhnNewrA,GpdIJdyFKiyxNR882aUOTdsV1ARLYUMt3XuKVabNifo 8atSB0orYKkwfipO3331Ahkr29lNt0-2XpiLVytNsTg,c95xSiKTlBqSEHTt3oFWcw_rMWR7yT_pFmqDOMMh9bw,c-qomXh_DuQAI798l_iFOyajhHgQa7albVhxqE3gWZo


Shop my look!

Hurley Pullover

Winchester Heather Grey Jacket

Hurley of the Deep Biker Tank Top

Parachute Moto Jacket

Hurley Girls Instagram

photos by Sara Kiesling

Basta Surfin’

For those of you that are in SoCal…you are probably making all of your out of state friends jealous with how amazing the weather has been. I really had a good time trying out my Basta Surf bikinis and especially loved them because they are perfect to wear under a wetsuit. I wore mine around Huntington Beach and loved the light, soft feel of them.

_MG_9992 copy S0190189 copy _MG_0040 copy _MG_0161 copy_MG_0025 copy _MG_0063 copy _MG_0101 copy _MG_0127 copy _MG_0012 copy

Get the Palm print here.
Get the Army Bunny print here.


Basta Surf FaceBook
Basta Surf Twitter

photos by Seven Shades of Grey

Somewhere in Venice With Ya’

Well hello 🙂 I have to say I am very much loving all the flowers and beauty I found while venturing around Venice Beach with my friends Cassandra and Sara. I especially loved doing so in this rad dress that Hurley sent me…I decided to dress it way up and give it a different look. I feel the most carefree in a cute sundress. See what I mean and get this dress here!

2USwR-k9oRTRpC-TN9B2uRwXo3LPT7HCt0uRzEHrF8E,uFj1jn43Yq2pfgbvA2YwJ3NFnSH5ibJSaLmnPDxSZzw,cm14fhQ29kHZTiLYXz2hNWImh-gxZeZrq-M-1UMinU4,zkPS3lCjC63l5znlE2RHCDGLlXoIpT1zbZ1SU8I8Rp8 6VmacHdEz5dwKwsfHTcknowDKWJbzz_yK0MdPbdm6ag,NcrQJ5MpKllyzGUDb-oGLwE3QJ1OKlnUBl8YdLndWV8,ODx6Ho_HgN6iQlixQk60_-H1ZGjHzApubhsYyrvzobc 85CTkuQwKOl-RK7c0xZcgt7PlNoCMQBJZ0XVSJhL5DE,s4ybs5v84QANq1nUhlVlUTMgHmZDEzDZzDFeQl6aEqI,W9Ok5Z7qjE4m5aVjJ-NFDPjzJwE2leYgNgWwB9BlpMo ap-ZcyhlEATRYxT5LMiRaBCh7gmj7nCjhcpdf3_9IAE,hhOAefbpf-4ZOzTBzMyAlO2cFEX8dUR8Z7q7VoCzKO0,9DvDJqFie238rAwOhWRpcmmStgm2uOb-KSylPkpCJs4 Xf6oR_d6GlpgfGadgkPnY-z-3CtQ736i-tKTd7sAUZ8,8QshCSNA4VOKCyTSUtztfPBhGXfvNkqx3Y8j8UNn0Xw,QQFOowkofd_7Dv1DybwIHHxjhSMC5qVG_307FlCP_y0,_9MJn_epMrN4jgUOqFUOKO7wwkwOkVzV38vjPYD_fU0


Photos by Sara Kiesling 

You’re all that Matters to Me

My favorite thing about Hurley Girl’s products is how much I am able to play with their styles to either dress them up or dress them down. This shirt I specifically am intrigued with is one you can wear forwards, backwards, and even inside out. Also I am reppin’ HB when I wear it so that is always a plus 😉 I paired it with a long black skirt Maxi dress and also some boot heels from Guess.Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5681 Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5742_BW Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5724 Style_Smoothie_Final_MG_5660 kristenUW_0090 copy

Get this tee here.


Photos by Chris Godley and Seven Shades of Grey

Paper Doll, Dress Me Up


I know it’s the midst of winter and some of you are fighting the mighty winds of Father Christmas but I have been so in love with my sun dresses from As U Wish and I had to share with you guys. Every time I visit their showroom along with Lily White, I point about about 50 pieces that I want to style. I throw on one of their dresses, head down PCH towards Laguna Beach and jam some John Mayer while I count my blessings. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Paper doll, come try it on
Step out of that black chiffon
Here’s a dress of gold and blue
Sure was fun being good to you”

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

“This mint green is new for spring.
My love didn’t cost a thing”Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Cut the cord and pull some strings
And make yourself some angel wings”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
et this dress here.


Doin’ it Right

I love going to Corona Del Mar because of all the amazing hidden coves and crashing water in the tide pools. I had so much fun exploring the spot I frequently go to while trying out my new Gemelli bikini. Hot pink=a smile on my face. I cruised with the windows down while jamming ‘Doin’ it Right’ by Daft Punk and thought about how blessed I was this season. Hope you are all having a great Holiday season so far. 😉

 ThBaBfs8J7MGSIq-XYnlRpTOD2sahSc3Zwb53GvA3iA,b7HaecFcEOdl5ZDUY8NjJrJEuaDqPOuIHy3_6VMa6a0,1n5wQMt79x-sL_T1jZIxJOSvB6170v-RwZZYrB3Ly84 HdEynyqcYK8TPwdp9dxUgz4y8c1SFTVv-px31bkeGwM,060YSXvZYMjINTpZpZaayuJacWR-6FGqUFE0gWR0hQQ,N2bAPYGL8e9QcKXOMFgez8rrCYbBEdD2r_bOqNlo-eQ KlXlVSI8dyQVhJfIVGaKKtmmL6SaGXx3eFKI9xW4Sxc,MZUHL6pn_yvYqD4xHTtR2N0t3SjNjTutwXEKeHWaXD8,y8OvEG1F05I3fLvVzGKXiICmq6qquPhl53H_18eJE3M MqtRpoG4IdzlvFFMYdYjre0v1enBHDi6hpTkKl0W7-g,HZFteIDvygg0ALMHSWaqrRw1h3TaNFfi00QzricfaXI,UXybpxxNqkVRO6kpNUnCPL7jBuk_2wxo1ARC_1VABIo PK0cU4n6_FI5L3xkMYiTO3NSFS3WXWQaaGHfFtqn04c,8Ek_pBcFUVbQjzjrQdxlmK8qHkAEOmr4Cx_Jw9zKMtY,-IhmxGzPjjnlZ0aCIPCXXRti26rOov6be2t39SXg-vk

Get this bikini here.



All 4 Love.

Our 90s week winds down to an end but we had SO much fun giving some of our modern clothes a different spin in salute to the awesome decade. We enjoyed hearing what everyone favorite bands, trends, and TV shows were from the 90s on our Instagram (follow us).

7N8dlTKnmq-kdZI2oLh5sboLU-xeSo8lRKCxgBpkfUk nRGD1WLys6ssJwc9TLjVS29AL99HTA9IDYuZO2YVJb4 nuifNZPO8FADCpXCqaxD2a7dr91MmGToOcUuB3CO2c8 SrSFXclWHeQbaHFl0-77uE59zJkxdxN8fGJj6OHuqV8

I love baby tees because of the perfect fit they put to my body type. My closet is growing with them and they go great with long maxi skirts. Also in the 90s I loved wearing colorful bracelets so I threw on these candy colored pieces from SCMYK.


Bracelets I am wearing:
Acid Rain
Electric Mint

Photos by Cassandra

Don’t be Jelly (90s Week!)

Continuing on with our 90s week I pulled one of my favorite decade styles and cruised around downtown Huntington Beach. Spaghetti strapped sundresses with a white baby tee underneath is a perfect way to prolong your summer summer wardrobe when it gets slightly chilly outside. And who can forget jelly shoes?! I rocked these when I was a kid (I had the clear sparkly pink ones) and I am so excited that they are making their way back into our closets.



IBVgWN6AW4lASm4cUyN1tVWHqSiDSjk2bfCAo6kwl7k SSnqpeDAUEOClyBYvLhnEhVbwoD5MrJpu0Lj94J6zKA






Check out Jelly Beans shoes! They have solid colors, prints, transparent, and sparkles!
Get the ones I’m wearing here.

Get my transparent purse here.

Dress: Hurley Girls

White Tee: White House Black Market

LOL Socks: Forever 21


Do I Make Myself Clear? (90’s Week!)

If the 90’s are back then color me ecstatic. I went on a quest to find some amazing clear bags. I remember transparent EVERYTHING being popular on the kindergarden playground and I was absolutely obsessed with thinking about owning a house full of clear couches, phones, dishes, and backpacks. (I was always an interesting kiddo) I was really happy when I came across Clear-Handbags and they sent over my dream backpack. I was also gaga over Lisa Frank back in the 90’s so I decided to take a page out of Cassandra’s book (see post here.) and decorated my new bag to give it an even more 90’s feel. Keep checking back with us this week as we fill the blog with our favorite decade!


What’s in my bag? Headphones and iPod because I can’t go anywhere without my music, ring pop to fuel my sugar rush, Vera Bradley compact mirror, pencil case, and note paper, journal for my thoughts, and my favorite magazines.DSC_0230 DSC_0244 DSC_0247 DSC_0250

Get this backpack here.
Tank: SuperColour



Till the Sun Meets the Night

Looking for a trendy online boutique to find the perfect dress? Aren’t we girls always on that search? I  have a special place in my heart for Red Dress Boutique because I  find myself pointing out almost every item saying “I need this!”…Not in a compulsive way, these dresses are all really a must have in your closet. Their store is also full of adorable bags, scarves, and jewelry. If you’re somewhere a little frigid in the winter you can always pair them with tights, knee socks, and cute sweaters.

DSC_0129 DSC_0148 IMG_6276 IMG_6277 IMG_6275

Dress: Red Dress Boutique
Purse: Red Dress Boutique
Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: Kohl’s
Necklace: Betsey Johnson

IMG_6282 IMG_6279 IMG_6289 IMG_6283 IMG_6292

Dress: Red Dress Boutique
Flower Crown: Homemade


Red Dress Boutique