It’s okay to be alone: Never feel lonely


It’s okay to be alone but you never have to feel lonely.

“In the past I felt pangs of loneliness but my biggest mistake was not drawing nearer to God in those times. He was like a friend I knew I needed to call, or a chore I kept avoiding. God is so much bigger and greater than that. It took anxiety completely breaking me to send me running straight into His arms! And he caught me quickly, not condemning me or ignoring me. He simply told me “I love you. You NEVER were alone. I walked with you through it all.” I cried, I had the most loving women pray over me, and I LISTENED to Him. He is a good father and a good friend whom I will always call.”Recently I wrote this this post on Instagram and had a few people message me telling me how it resonated with them…So I wanted to elaborate just a bit more on something no one likes to feel. Loneliness.

It can happen when you’re by yourself in your apartment, driving in traffic, sitting in a park full of strangers, or in a room full of people that you know. Loneliness hits. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing with ‘why do I feel so lonely right now?’. All throughout my 20’s I have gone non stop. Traveling, moving to different cities, moving to different states, or taking jobs that required me to work with people (sometimes that I didn’t really like) all across the US. I was “living the dream” as some would write on my Instagram photos of me smiling on the beach. But behind all that loneliness would creep up. I saw the dangers of letting it consume me by my dating life. I was picking men just to fill a void I had in my heart where I should have been placing God. I didn’t try to get better, I didn’t pick myself back up after times I fell, I didn’t even love myself well! Picking someone to fill the void will only lead you to pick the wrong person over and over and over again.

I decided I was okay being alone (physically not spiritually) but I was not okay feeling lonely. Where do you turn when you feel loneliness? What steps do you take? Do you dwell in it? Do you confide in others? Rid any shame or embarrassment because I guarantee everyone you pass on the street can tell you, “Yep, I’ve totally been there.” I finally stopped wrestling with how to fix these problems temporarily and fled straight into God’s arms. I asked him what the bible said about loneliness, what it said about him being my friend, and asked him to surround me with people who loved Him and put Him first as much as I so desperately needed to do. And He worked fast! Yes, it can be a process. It’s okay if you don’t “automatically” just feel better, or if you suddenly have loneliness start to creep back up on you. But it’s SO much easier to battle if you confide in your mentors, your close circle, your prayer warriors, your Father.

(I debated sprinkling scripture throughout this blog post, but I didn’t want to drag it on too much, so I’ll just leave these here, I encourage you to please read them.)

Deuteronomy 31:6
1 Samuel 12:22
Philippians 4:6-7
2 Timothy 4:16-18
Also, feel free to e-mail me with any private thoughts, requests, or just to say hi

To say thank you for reading my first write up on my new blog I want to share a song with you all that I wrote a while back about a time I was battling loneliness for free download! yay!


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