Welcome to Krisluv

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Hello, everyone! It’s been a while (4 months to be exact). I am so excited for my new blog and space to share with you all the things going on in my life. For the past 3 years I co-ran a fashion blog with one of my best friends and had a blast covering LA fashion week, building relationships with almost 100 brands, and working with some of the most talented photographers. We were pumping out new posts almost everyday and though I loved it, I started thinking what it would be like to use my blog platform to share more than what shoes to pair with my new fringe bag (though I still plan on doing that from time to time #fashionforever!). On my new site I hope to share a more personal look at my life with stories of what a twenty-something goes through, a closer look at my music career, and stories from some of the most awesome people on the plant—my friends!

I can’t wait to start this new journey at Krisluv and see where it takes me. Join along, check in from time to time, or just take a quick glance when you’re bored-there will be something here for you!



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