Hot Cross Buns

The rain has finally let up here in Texas, thankfully! I ventured around Dallas with my new pal, Jeyson and we shot these in between rain storms. It was such a fun day where we walked around under a rainbow umbrella and sipped on coffee.

I wore this green dress from Stelly, an Australian based company. It’s great if you want to show off your curves for a rainy day around town or night out with friends.

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Photos by Jeyson Paez

It’s All Smooth Sailing From Here

I had so much fun this past week in Dallas with the bipolar weather and new threads from Smooth Sailinga company that embraces all the weird and wonderful things in life. I got to bask in the sun and couple days later, I played in the snow all day. All in all it was a fun and adventurous week running around Deep Ellum and Eagle Mountain park while it sat under a blanket of snow.




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Ssail Utility Jacket

Red Plaid Flannel Shirt

Floral Logo T-Shirt

Weird & Wonderful T-Shirt

SS Snapback

Photos by Skyler Fike & Kristen Williams

Roots Juices


Ahhh, there is nothing like a good cleanse to reboot and rewire yourself. Wether it be cleansing your mind or your body, feeling better and taking care of yourself is super important.

I recently discovered Roots Juices in Dallas and became curious with the 3-day juice cleanse they had. I’ve juiced before and love how its a yummy way of getting in all your greens quick and easy. I knew it would be hard at times but it was so worth it!

The first day was probably the easiest, I highly recommend eating as many raw veggies and fruits as you can before taking part in the cleanse. I was in the studio all day working so I was distracted with that instead of any cravings. The best part was the last juice of the day. “Health Nut” a cold press of almonds, dates, sea salt, and water- it felt like a dessert to top off the day. The 2nd day I didn’t start feeling cravings until later in the afternoon but I kept thinking of how happy my body was cleansing out and detoxing so that helped keep me going. I won’t lie- I thought about food quite a bit that night. But my body thanked me for not indulging! The 3rd day I was so proud of myself and feeling good inside so it was an easy day to get through! The next day I ate strictly vegan and then the next 2 days I ate vegetarian (I indulged in some cheese and yogurt).

All in all it was an amazing experience and something I highly recommend to anyone wanting to detox their body. The before and after care of a cleanse is important too. Since you won’t be eating any meant for about a week, find other ways to get good sources of protein after your cleanse (peanut butter, mixed nuts, hard boiled eggs, tofu)

And as far as Roots Juices, they are the place to go to! They simply hand you a bag full of your juice supply with an instruction insert to help you during your cleanse. And bonus- they are Y.U.M.M.Y! I know some are fearful of juicing thinking they won’t like the way they taste, but trust me, you will love what Roots has to offer!

Any questions regarding on juicing don’t hesitate to email or



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Benefits of juicing:
Increased energy.
Strengthening of bones.
Clearer skin.
Lower risk for disease.

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