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Happy Memorial Day, readers! I want to address the importance of this day and those who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation. I hope you all take some time today to remember the significance of that.

I know a lot of you are cooking out today, having back yard BBQ’s, or enjoying a picnic in the park which is why I want to share with you all some fun little tips on how to add something healthy to your festivities of choosing. I came up with a few fun ways to easily add in some greens to your diet. Thanks to my friends at Evolution Fresh, they make it super fun and easy to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and a love for yummy greens!

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Recipe #1

I love a good salad, especially one that is colorful and flavorful!
Here is a simple way to make a delicious salad

Optional- to keep it clean avoid adding any dressing. Instead, squeeze some lemon onto your salad and sprinkle on some pepper for added flavor

For a drink try any cold pressed Evolution Fresh juice and add a cucumber for a garnish

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Recipe #2

This one is my favorite! Cucumber Strawberry Orange Spritzer. Are your taste buds watering yet?
I began by pouring my Evolution Fresh Orange juice into a cup about half way and then filling the other half with sparkling water. Cut up strawberries and cucumber to give it an even more refreshing taste. Cucumbers are great to add to any drink like water, lemonade, or a spritzer.

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Recipe #3

This one was fun and so easy and perfect for kids too! Who doesn’t love a delicious icy pop? If you struggle with fitting greens into your diet this one is for you. Simply pour any green juice into a pop sickle mold and voila! You have a great summer time treat. The Essential Greens and Sweet Greens juices are perfect for this one ūüôā1 - IMG_0229 - Social


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I hope you all enjoyed getting some fun new ideas on how to add greens to your meals! Visit our friends at Evolution Fresh and learn more about the benefits of cold pressed juices.


photos by Skyler Fike

The Green Movement

It’s no secret that I am a freak when it comes to cold pressed juices, especially when it get closer to summer and I’m working extra hard to be bikini ready. Really, I love pursuing a healthy lifestyle and I love it even more when I enjoy what I am eating and drinking.¬†I¬†have been fitting cold pressed juices to my diet more than ever, and recently I even completed a 3 day juice cleanse leaving me craving bottles of green goodness big time. My friends from Evolution Fresh invited me to try their #3DaysToGreen¬†movement and I gotta say, I loved it!¬†Not only did I feel better and give me body huge boosts of energy, but my cravings went away each time I sipped my drink. They pack a POUND of vegetables in their Sweet Greens and Lemon juice and don’t add any preservatives or artificial flavors, so you’re only getting the good stuff and nothing bad!

Evolution Fresh is something you¬†can easily grab¬†from your local Starbucks or Central Market and I encourage you all to try their #3DaysToGreen movement and see the difference in how your body feels. Also, stick around early next week because we are hosting¬†an Evolution Fresh ‘3 Day Giveaway’¬†to help you start your 3 day challenge with a gift card and coupons (Uhm, AWESOME!).





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Photos by Skyler Fike

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Roots Juices


Ahhh, there is nothing like a good cleanse to reboot and rewire yourself. Wether it be cleansing your mind or your body, feeling better and taking care of yourself is super important.

I recently discovered Roots Juices in Dallas and became curious with the 3-day juice cleanse they had. I’ve juiced before and love how its a yummy way of getting in all your greens quick and easy. I knew it would be hard at times but it was so worth it!

The first day was probably the easiest, I highly recommend eating as many raw veggies and fruits as you can before taking part in the cleanse. I was in the studio all day working so I was distracted with that instead of any cravings. The best part was the last juice of the day. “Health Nut” a cold press of almonds, dates, sea salt, and water- it felt like a dessert to top off the day. The 2nd day¬†I didn’t start feeling cravings until later in the afternoon but I kept thinking of how happy my body was cleansing out and detoxing so that helped keep me going. I won’t lie- I thought about food quite a bit that night. But my body thanked me for not indulging! The 3rd day¬†I was so proud of myself and feeling good inside so it was an easy day to get through! The next day I ate strictly vegan and then the next 2 days I ate vegetarian (I indulged in some cheese and yogurt).

All in all it was an amazing experience and something I highly recommend to anyone wanting to detox their body. The before and after care of a cleanse is important too. Since you won’t be eating any meant for about a week, find other ways to get good sources of protein after your cleanse (peanut butter, mixed nuts, hard boiled eggs, tofu)

And as far as Roots Juices, they are the place to go to! They simply hand you a bag full of your juice supply with an instruction insert to help you during your cleanse. And bonus- they are Y.U.M.M.Y! I know some are fearful of juicing thinking they won’t like the way they taste, but trust me, you will love what Roots has to offer!

Any questions regarding on juicing don’t hesitate to email or¬†



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Benefits of juicing:
Increased energy.
Strengthening of bones.
Clearer skin.
Lower risk for disease.

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