All Wrapped Up

Throwing it back to White Sands (again 🙂 haha). Just me enjoying the sun just before it set over the mountains while wrapped up in a warm blanket. I’ve been in the beginning stages of planning another trip here soon, the ones I do have planned aren’t until the start of summer and I want to sneak in a get away before then! I’m thinking either Florida, the Carolinas, maybe back to California, or keep it close and go explore Austin. Till then I’ll just reminisce over here about this sandy escape. ❤







Photos By: Skyler Fike

Bikini: Zink Swimwear

Back to You Again

I love to explore as much as I can and I enjoy going to new places to take in something completely unseen. And then there are those places I feel I just can’t get enough.White Sands, New Mexico is definitely one of them. I first made my way out there with my family when I was 14 where I did cartwheels with by brothers and watched my mom turn into a little kid again. The 2nd time I went with my brother and best friend, right before an incredible storm started rolling in turning the whole sky a brilliant navy blue. This past December I again got to take in the beauty of this place. Though it was a little bit colder compared to the times I went in the summer, it was even more beautiful than I remembered. I can’t wait to make my way back out there and create new memories to build on top of the old ones. Thank you immensely to O’Neill for sending me my wardrobe for this trip as well.









photos: Skyler Fike

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