Just a little summer inspo coming your way while I schedule themes for new companies I’m working with while balancing everything else going on in my life. Also this is the first Saturday since I can remember where I had absolutely nothing that needed to be done work or personal wise. I’m thinking I’ll spend it planning my vacation, longboarding, writing new music, hanging out with my brother, or going for a run (basically all my favorite things). For now, I’ll just be taking it easy till it’s time to work on my next big project ;P




xoxo kris

Somewhere in Venice With Ya’

Well hello 🙂 I have to say I am very much loving all the flowers and beauty I found while venturing around Venice Beach with my friends Cassandra and Sara. I especially loved doing so in this rad dress that Hurley sent me…I decided to dress it way up and give it a different look. I feel the most carefree in a cute sundress. See what I mean and get this dress here!

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Photos by Sara Kiesling 

Beauty Con: Street Style

This weekend at Beauty Con we were graced with some beautiful faces and awesomely-styled outfits! We made our way around Siren Studios and picked out some of our fav looks among the girls.


This adorable duo said their favorite place to shop is Brandy Melville.

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Great nail art with a pop of red so bright 😉


This wild fox said her favorite spot to shop is at thrift stores.

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We loved her chunky converse and long beachy hair.

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The adorable Hana Mae Lee from the movie Pitch Perfect rocked her Dirty Laundry boots.


Those shorts with that blouse had us on cloud 9.


Three amigas Tatiana, Justine, and Tana reminded us that the best things come in threes.


Black boots and flowy tanks are always in style.


Isabella, Amanda, and Sasha showed the youthful side of being a flower child.

Overall, there were dozens of outfits we loved and more importantly how all the girls styled them to make them their own. Everyone had their own personal flare and spunk that we couldn’t get enough of. Wouldn’t you want to go shopping with these fashionistas? We sure do!


Lily White: Summer Lovin’

Happy Monday fellow Smoothie heads 🙂
I recently got to sift through the racks at one of my favorite L.A. showrooms full of beautiful summer outfits by Lily White. I can’t seem to get enough of their styles and love the compliments I get when I’m sporting the unique looks. Check out my favorite looks 🙂




Top and shorts by Lily White. Shop Lily White at Nordstrom and Dillards.
Shoes:Forever 21


Jumper: Lily White, available at Nordstrom and Dillards.
Shoes: Fort Worth Boutique