Bliss in Cancún!

Okay, so I am going over some of my most favorite trips I’ve been on and it’s taking everything in me to not just jump on a plane heading to the beach. Until then, I can reminisce on one of my best friends weddings in Cancun. Iberostar was one of the most gorgeous resorts I have ever stayed at and one of the most epic trips I have ever been on.



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Back to You Again

I love to explore as much as I can and I enjoy going to new places to take in something completely unseen. And then there are those places I feel I just can’t get enough.White Sands, New Mexico is definitely one of them. I first made my way out there with my family when I was 14 where I did cartwheels with by brothers and watched my mom turn into a little kid again. The 2nd time I went with my brother and best friend, right before an incredible storm started rolling in turning the whole sky a brilliant navy blue. This past December I again got to take in the beauty of this place. Though it was a little bit colder compared to the times I went in the summer, it was even more beautiful than I remembered. I can’t wait to make my way back out there and create new memories to build on top of the old ones. Thank you immensely to O’Neill for sending me my wardrobe for this trip as well.









photos: Skyler Fike

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Headin’ Southwest

I am still thinking about the amazing time I had in White Sands, New Mexico at the sand dunes. We arrived at the perfect time when the sun still had the place warmed up for us. I wore my favorite top from O’Neill (which coincidentally is named the “Kristen” top) and paired it with a maxi skirt and hat from PacSun. It was the perfect day and easy to remember.

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photos by Skyler Fike

Dancing in the Desert

As 2014 comes to a close I have been thinking of all the incredible places I got to visit this year. I took my first trip to Vegas, camped in Big Sur, walked miles in Chicago, rose horses and danced in Denver, and had a few more memorable trips to add to the memory bank. My last trip of the year I visited one of my favorite states, New Mexico, where I revisited my absolute favorite national monument. Thank you to my friends at O’Neill for providing me with the perfect wardrobe for this adventure. And thank you to the folks in Mesilla for making me fall more in love with small towns.

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Photos by Skyler Fike

Give a Little

I hope you are all having a happy December so far and ready to continue on my quest for awesome gift ideas for your friends or family (or maybe just for you)! Buyamba is a thoughtful company that sells handmade footwear and contributes their time to helping displaced women and children in Uganda by creating jobs by the sales of their products.  In the spirit of the holidays shopping with Buyamba is the perfect way to give more. They sent me over a lovely pair of Moccasin’s that I packed with me during my trip to Denver. I had so much fun kicking around the leaves and loved how comfy they were. Style Smoothie is proud to partner up with this company and continue the spread of support and encouragement for those of us who deserve a better chance in life.





I’ve Got the Time


The holidays have arrived and I am on the prowl for awesome gift ideas this season. I’ve actually been stumbling upon some really cool ideas that I would put on my own wish list. Up at the top of that list is a new watch because whether your a guy or a girl it’s the perfect item. Recently Neff sent me over this black and white Duece Watch and I was immediately obsessed. Neff also makes the BEST beanies so be sure to throw in a few of those during your holiday shopping. I snapped these in a park while venturing around one of my favorite cities, Chicago.

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Hello, Chicago

Hello world! I just got back from a trip that was packed with so much fun…I spent about a week in Chicago along with my lovely parents and we spent a day just walking around and soaking up the beautiful city. I enjoyed stuffed pizza from the famous Giordano’s (YUM), I finally got to see the Bean (I was WAY too excited for that), I walked the pier, met some amazing locals, and planted myself in Margaritaville (get their volcano nachos!) for a couple of hours. It was a great trip with so much to see…I really hope to go back soon! I loved everyones style and stopped a few locals to snap some photos of them to show off Chicago’s style.


Being tourists with the rents 😉

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Local//Monica// how fab is that hair?


The great wall of Hendrix? I of course snagged some copies of this art work for myself.

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Locals//Paula & Robert// you both get infinite style points!

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The BEAN ❤

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Locals//Maggie & Laura//best smiles in all of Chicago

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Local//Michael//can we have that jacket?


Chicago Avenue

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Up in a Tree

Summer is still burning and that’s okay, because I have so many dresses in my closet I still love to wear! O’Neill is such an inspiring brand to me because of how the company pushes positivity and adventurous sides of life. If you have a chance to check out O’neill Women’s Instagram page I strongly suggest it…you will be tempted to snag a few bikinis, a sundress, and hop on a jet to a tropical island somewhere. They were kind enough to send me this beautiful maxi dress that I really adore! The retro paisley pattern, and slits on each side made me feel like a boho queen while I ventured around San Juan Capistrsano.

This park was so beautiful and had certain views that made me think of Scotland (cool, right?). I of course had to climb a tree and lose myself in the absolute beauty of everything.

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Photos by Seven Shades of Grey

My Day with Talee

We all have those friends who capture and mirror off pure energy (if we’re lucky) Those friends who are always up for a dare, help push you to your goals, and speak words of encouragement whenever you are going through a battle in life (again, if we are lucky!) I love that I have a friend like that, her name is Talee. She is a singer/songwriter and just opened her own yoga studio in SoCal, check it out here! Spending a day with a fellow hippie and songbird makes any day feel like summer. This is my day with Talee.

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Keep Austin Weird

It’s time for a little travel, wouldn’t ya say? Especially it being summer and all, we all need a little get away to keep our lives full of adventure and even spontaneity 😉 I was just sitting up stairs in my parents house in Fort Worth thinking to myself…’AUSTIN’. It had been on my mind for a while and I haven’t visited in some odd years so I was itching to get back to the funky city. I picked up my phone, text my best friend at work and told her “This weekend we are going to Austin”. She was down so we made plans to stay in a cute cottage we found on (SO cute!) All weekend we ate BBQ, ventured 6th street, visited Hamilton Pool, and made some fun new friends.

IMG_9755 IMG_9794

Places to check out: Hamilton Pool
This spot was awesome with a short easy hike down. Get there early to avoid a long wait to get in (it packs up fast) bring water and some floaties to relax in the water with!

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Places to check out: Our Airbnb Cottage
This amazing one bedroom home had everything you could want. My favorite part was the out door shower AND the outdoor bathtub!

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Places to check out: Hula Hut
Because it wouldn’t be a proper trip to Austin without going 😉DSC_0615

There are so many great things I could share about Austin, most of which you need to discover on your own…I hope you all get to make it there one day if you haven’t already!